About Us

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Aisle Planner started with the idea that there was a better way to plan weddings - that wedding professionals could have all of the wedding planning and business management tools they need, all in one reliable place. With everything from lead contact forms to day-of timelines, Aisle Planner has what industry professionals need to book clients quickly and manage the million and one details that come with the job.

The Aisle Planner community is made up of wedding professionals from around the world who found us because (just like us) they knew there was a better way to plan weddings. And, that community has grown along side us because, not only do we listen to what they have to say and continue to give them what they need, but we feature wedding advice and inspiration from them – making it easy for couples to be inspired by the industry’s most creative vendors.

Aisle Planner's community also includes the couples that want to use the very best tools to plan their wedding, find wedding advice and inspiration, and find the perfect vendors for their wedding - from their wedding planner to their venue or florist.

Meet the Team

Aisle Planner is a female-founded company driven by a small but dedicated team
of wedding industry professionals. We believe that details matter – a lot. And we
work to give you what you need to do your job, and do it seamlessly.

Tina Farrow Headshot
Christina Farrow
President & Co-Founder
Rob Farrow Headshot
Rob Farrow
CEO, Co-Founder
Brett Hollman Headshot
Brett Hollman
CTO & VP Product
Meghan Laurs Headshot
Meghan Laurs
Director of Customer Engagement
Tayler Cusick Hollman Headshot
Tayler Cusick Hollman
Editor in Chief
Katherine Oyer Headshot
Katherine Oyer
Director of PR & Partnerships