As wedding planners, there are few things we love more than discovering new wedding trends, and this season’s hottest trend happens to be clear as day: acrylic wedding signs. With the popularity of clean lines and sleek design aesthetics overshadowing the old-school ornate weddings of yesterday, it makes total sense that this crazy-modern, super-chic medium is making its way into the wedding world with a bang. Today, then, we’re breaking down all you need to know about the brand-new world of acrylic wedding signage. Read on, and get ready to see the picture as clear as ever (did we take it too far with that pun?).

Why We Love Them

It seemed like, in the past, weddings were held to a single standard: they had to be as frilly as possible. We love, then, that the past decade or so has opened up a more artistic and sophisticated wedding-design world, where sans-serif fonts take the place of script, and chic jumpsuits take the place of glittery ballgowns. Don’t get us wrong—we love a fairytale wedding as much as the next planner, but we also love that there are now so many more aesthetic options available—from earthy boho to gatsby glam to modern art. Acrylic wedding signs are just an extension of that—they represent a new era in wedding design where couples and planners are free to combine a number of unexpected media and pull from a ton of different design sources to create an aesthetic that’s personalized for each individual couple. We especially love that this colorless, versatile medium works for nearly any style soirée and adds a little something special that will leave your guests in absolute awe.

The Challenges

The challenges with acrylic signs is that they’re, well, acrylic signs. Clear signage certainly isn’t the easiest to photograph. Plus, acrylic signs can be hard to see at night, and might pose a legibility challenge for guests with less-than-great eyesight. You can always help minimize these challenges by giving your photographer a heads up and providing her or him with a sample sign ahead of time to practice shooting. Uplighting acrylic signs at night can also help minimize the visibility issue. If you have a number of elderly guests who you know won’t be able to read acrylic signage, you can always choose to only use acrylic for large, easy-to-see-and-read signs (such as large directional signs throughout your venue) rather than using them at individual place settings for smaller things like the menu (which you certainly want all guests to be able to read).

Where to Incorporate

Acrylic is a bit more costly than typical paper or even wood media, so where you choose to use the medium throughout depends largely on your budget. That being said, even for those with a huge wedding budget, we recommend not going hog-wild. You want the acrylic to make a sleek statement without being total overkill. We love the idea of using them for table numbers and bar menus, as well as dinner menus (if you think their legibility won’t pose a problem for too many of your guests). If you’ve got the room in your budget and really want to set the stage for the wedding aesthetic, we’ve even seen acrylic save the dates and wedding invitations—which can really serve as a wow-factor for your guests right off the bat (but be forewarned: they’ll cost you an arm and a leg in postage).

Overall, we’re swooning over this fresh, new trend—and we’re pretty darn excited to see how it’s used throughout a number of different wedding aesthetics in the seasons ahead.

Photo courtesy Jenn Emerling Photography

Acrylic signs by Peanut Press Creative

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