Think back to the moment you got engaged—you said YES to creating a life full of love with your favorite person in the world (woo hoo!). But did you also realize you were saying yes to taking on another full-time job (aka wedding planning)? Even when you’ve hired a professional planner to help you as you plan your stunning soirée, the wedding-planning road can be long, tedious, and a bit rocky at times. BUT planning the perfect party while working a full-time job can be done...and it can be done well. The devil, as always, lies in the details. Below, then, we’ve broken down our top tips for balancing wedding-planning with your day job (and, if you really get it down to a science, leaving enough time at the end of the day for glass of vino or two). Read on and get ready to breathe a sigh of wedding-planning relief.

Create a Workflow Checklist


Before you start perusing Pinterest and communicating with caterers, you’ll want to define your workflow. Use the Aisle Planner checklist feature to create a workflow (or, in other words, a long list of everything you need to do, in the order you need to do it). Check items off the list as you go along—and, for the sake of your own sanity, force yourself to stick to the workflow you’ve created. It may be tempting to skip down ten steps and pick out florals before you choose a venue, but keep yourself on track and on task as best you can.

Set a Regular Schedule


Take some time to sit down and look at your day-to-day work schedule to figure out when you’ll have time to embark on wedding planning throughout the week. Maybe your Friday lunch hours are slow, as are your Tuesday and Thursday nights—dedicate those timeslots to wedding planning, and treat the planning process as you would a job (albeit hopefully a fun job). Show up when you said you would, and focus on the task at hand for the hours you’ve set aside. Challenge yourself to stick to this schedule. This will help to train your brain to focus during these same time slots every week, and it will keep you from allowing wedding planning to eat up your every free hour.

Use Technology to Make Your Life Easier


From communication channels to checklists to an area where you can save all of those inspiration images, take advantage of all of Aisle Planners wedding planning tools to make the planning process run a little (or a lot) more smoothly. The fact Aisle Planner is cloud-based and can be accessed from anywhere also helps—you’ll find there will be plenty of times where you need to pull up that catering contract or show your florist your color palette. Keeping everything in one, easy-to-access place will save you the headaches caused by sifting through files, sorting through emails, and searching old text messages.

Overall, with a solid outline of your tasks, a set schedule, and technology to help you along the way, there’s absolutely no reason you can’t plan the wedding you’ve always dreamed of while working another full-time job. It’s all about being proactive and disciplined—and having fun while you’re at it!

Photo courtesy San Diego wedding photographer Amy Lynn Photography