If you and your spouse-to-be are planning on celebrating your nuptials with a honeymoon, you don’t want to find yourself at the altar with empty pockets. Yet, when it comes to planning, so many couples often neglect to think about how their honeymoon will factor into their wedding planning budget. After all of that planning (and seating-chart mapping...and dealing with family members...and hosting rehearsal dinners), you deserve to get away as newlyweds and enjoy each other, sans budget woes and worries. Today, then, we’re breaking down two distinct options for planning to pay for your honeymoon. Read on for our top tips.


Solution 1: Roll Your Honeymoon Budget Into Your Wedding Planning Budget

If you’re a big-picture planner, rolling your honeymoon budget into your wedding planning budget might be the best solution for you. You can keep your honeymoon budget as a separate line-item within your overall planning budget so that you can visualize it separately, while still having the ability to view and visualize it as one piece of your overall wedding-budget pie (pass the whip cream, already!). This allows you to keep your honeymoon budget in the forefront of your mind anytime you look at your wedding planning budget, rather than compartmentalizing (and risking forgetting about) it. Keeping your honeymoon budget front-of-mind is especially important if you're planning on taking a pricey honeymoon. This solution is best for:


  • Big-picture thinkers & planners
  • Couples who are planning on paying for their honeymoon on their own
  • Couples who plan on embarking on an expensive honeymoon (global travel, high-end hotels, etc.)


Solution 2: Keep Your Honeymoon Budget Separate via HoneyFund or Other Budgeting Tools

If you’re someone who likes to mentally compartmentalize, you may want to keep your honeymoon as a completely separate entity all on its own. You can use tools like Honeyfund to manage your honeymoon budget separate from your overall wedding-planning budget. This way, your mental wires won’t get crossed when managing the two separate budgets. This solution is best for:


  • Detail-oriented couples who prefer to compartmentalize
  • Couples who are planning on using monetary gifts to pay for their honeymoon
  • Couple who have a smaller budget they’re setting aside for their honeymoon


Overall, the way you choose to manage your honeymoon budget has to do with the type of planner you are—big-picture or detail-oriented. No matter what you choose, though, the important thing is that you’re proactive about planning for your honeymoon so you can relax and celebrate as newlyweds, rather than worry about finances on your far-away travels! (Psst...wondering how to best manage your overall wedding budget? Check out our top tips for prioritizing your wedding planning budget here.)

Photo courtesy San Diego wedding photographer Shane and Lauren Photography