Wedding lounge areas happen to be one of our favorite trends. Weddings are all about gathering, after all—so it makes sense to create an atmosphere where guests can kick back and converse over cocktails. Plus, when lounge spaces are done well, they’re such a perfect way to add personality, character, and color to any venue or affair. Today, then, we’re sitting down with Danielle of Gather & Lounge Speciality Rentals and Design, our good friend and creative guru extraordinaire, to talk her top three tips for ensuring your wedding lounge area is as stunning and chic as they come!

1. Don’t be Afraid to Mix-and-Match

I’m a huge fan of mixing and matching. Instead of picking the coffee table that matches the side tables that goes perfectly with the sofa, mix things up a bit! Think of working with mismatched chairs or pulling a coffee table from one collection and a couch from another. I always recommend mixing time periods and textures—it makes for a sophisticated look and adds some serious depth, dimension, and personality to your wedding lounge space.

2. Add a Rug

This one is especially true if your lounge area is inside. Interior lounge spaces should always have a rug. This helps to both define the space and really warm things up. A rug is the difference between what will look to guests like some random couches thrown together and an inviting (and well designed) lounge space. Plus, rugs are another great way to add texture and color to the space.

3. Use Color to Your Advantage

Even if you’re having a neutral wedding, lounge areas are the places to go all out (even if just in a subtle way). I love pops of color in lounge spaces—bright pillows or colorful rugs work really well to add some personality and personalization to your lounge space. You can also bring in pops of metallics (copper is really on trend right now) in the form of lanterns and/or votives.

Overall, lounge spaces are the place to add some seriously personality to your wedding. Don’t be afraid to mix-and-match or work in pops of eye-catching color. It’s all about creating a defined area that draws guests in. As long as your space has texture, color, and depth, it’s sure to be stunning.