When it comes to wedding planning, inspiration is key. But having images saved on Instagram, spread across your desktop, Pinned on Pinterest, and saved in your photos app doesn’t exactly make for a seamless event-design process. At Aisle Planner, we’re all about making the planning process you embark on with your wedding planner smooth and stress-free—and one major way we do that is through our Style Guides. Today, then, we’re breaking down all you need to know about using Aisle Planner’s Style Guides to plan your party to perfection. Because inspiration is awesome. But organized inspiration? Well that’s as good as it gets.


How do I get to Style Guides?

Simply login to your Aisle Planner account, click on “Design Studio” in the menu, and, voila!—you’ll see Style Guides. From there, you can create a new Style Guide or work on an existing Style Guide.


What should I create Style Guides for?

To get the most out of Aisle Planner’s Style Guides, you should organize your guides by category. That way, you can keep everything compartmentalized and can easily share different design inspiration with different pros and vendors. (i.e. you can share your Floral Style Guide with your florist, your Bar & Beverage Style Guide with your caterer, all of your style guides with your planner, etc.) We recommend setting up Style Guides in the following manner:


  • General design inspo:
    • So you can start figuring out what colors and styles you gravitate to


  • Specific inspo for each of your wedding vendors:
    • Florist
    • Rentals
    • Catering/bar
    • Stationery/calligrapher
    • Cake/Dessert


  • Specific inspo for décor/fashion
    • Table-settings
    • Lounge spaces
    • Altars/Arches
    • Wedding party outfits
    • Makeup and hair

Where can I find inspiration for my Style Guides?


You can add inspiration to your Style Guides directly from Aisle Planner's Inspiration Gallery and can also upload images right from your computer. PRO TIP: If you head to the gallery view of our Inspiration Gallery, you can filter images by category (like bouquets, tabletop and centerpieces, arches, bar and beverage, etc.)—this makes adding images to each Style Guide even easier.


What should I do with my Style Guides to make for a seamless wedding-planning process?


Style Guides are great for finding and organizing inspiration, but they also help to streamline the entire wedding planning process if you use them strategically. We recommend sharing them with your vendors as you talk through design options. You can also print them (or pull them up on your laptop) and bring them with you to in-person meetings. See that gold arrow in the top right hand corner of your Style Guide? From there, you'll find an option to add notes, add a specific color palette, and get a link to share your Style Guide via email.