When it comes to your wedding day, there are tons of vendors to research and book. From florists to venues to photographers—you’ll have countless moving parts to keep track of. Throw in the need for organized timelines and strategic seating charts, and the stress of planning just keeps on growing. But, there is one single vendor you can hand that overwhelming to-do list to who’s trained to take care of it all: a professional wedding planner. DIY’ing your wedding might seem like a good move at first (especially if you’re tight on budget), but if you happen to fall into one of the below categories, we definitely recommend hiring a professional planner to ensure your Big Day goes off without a single hectic hitch.

1. You're Planning a Destination Wedding


We love a great destination wedding! They’re a perfect opportunity to bring family and friends together in a celebratory locale and to offer guests an experience they would have never otherwise had. The problem, though, is that it can be nearly impossible to truly know the lay of the land when it comes to your wedding locale. If you’re planning a destination wedding, we definitely recommend hiring a local professional planner (or a planner who specializes in destination weddings) to make sure that you're using only the best local vendors.

2. You Want to Have a Multi-Day Wedding Celebration


Multi-day weddings are a huge trend right now—and we love the idea of creating a weekend-long celebration for your guests. But, if you’re planning on a multi-day celebration, you’ll definitely want to invest in a professional planner to help manage all the moving pieces of that complicated puzzle. Simple things like guest count suddenly become much more complicated for multi-day affairs (i.e. you’ll have certain guests who can only make the wedding night, others who can make the wedding night and the day-after brunch, and some who can make the rehearsal dinner, but not the day-after brunch). Having someone manage those details is absolutely crucial to a seamless soirée. You want to feel like you’re on a dream vacation for those few days—not like you’ve somehow gotten roped into working three 20-hour shifts.

3. Your Budget Exceeds $20,000


Mo' money. Mo' problems! When it comes to weddings, bigger budgets mean more floral, more catering, most likely more guests and, overall, more details to manage. If you're planning an event with a budget that exceeds $20,000, you’ll want to bring in a pro to help you keep track of every dollar and detail.

4. You’re Building From the "Ground Up"


Nowadays, couples are booking really unique and non-traditional venues—which is awesome. The only issue with this is that, when a locale isn’t meant to be a wedding venue, suddenly the details to iron out expand tenfold (Where do guests use the restroom? How can you bring in lighting? What do you do if there’s no kitchen on-site? Who are you going to rent tables and linens from? Where do you get the booze?) Our friends at Venuelust walked us through what you should pay attention to when looking at that off-the-beaten-path venue, but you should definitely hire a professional to help you manage all of the rentals and transform the venue into a space meant for a soirée.

5. You Already Have a Busy Life


Whether you're busy with work, family, or just being an all-around rockstar (yes, you), hiring a professional wedding planner will help you maintain your sanity during the planning process. Remember, you’re only engaged once—and it’s such an exciting and celebratory time. You don’t want to taint that time with tons of unnecessary stress. Because the pros know exactly what needs to get done and when, working with them takes the majority of the work off of your plate so you can focus on enjoying your engagement and that dreamy fiancé of yours!

Photography by Kristina Adams Photography

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