There are thousands of tiny little details that go into wedding planning, and while most major guides cover the big points, there are a lot of details that still get passed over. Here are 10 wedding details you don’t want to forget!

Down Under

When it comes to your wedding gown, specifically when it comes to the final fittings, be sure you have selected, and wear, the undergarments and shoes you plan on wearing with your gown on your wedding day. Fabric in wedding gowns can be very delicate and unforgiving. Wearing an undergarment that is thinner or has less boning than what you're planning to wear the day of your wedding can result in your gown being too loose or uncomfortable. And, wearing different shoes can result in your gown looking shorter or dragging on the floor.

Time Is Not Your Friend

Most overlooked details center around timing⁠—underestimating the time or letting it get out of hand. There are several places during your wedding day where you'll need to plan for additional time and be super vigilant about keeping others on schedule.

Getting Ready

Sorry ladies, regardless of what your hair and makeup team schedule for the morning of, getting ready is going to take longer than you expected. From the wedding party rolling in late to a little bit of chit-chat, bathroom breaks, and grandma deciding she needs a little help with her hair, every minute counts. Start earlier than you think you need, build in a little extra time, and be sure to have a light meal brought in. If you start off behind, you'll be behind all day.

Time To Go

It’s just human nature. You get nervous and you have to go to the bathroom. Build in time between hair and makeup and putting on your wedding gown to get yourself to the ladies' room. You'll be glad you did. This one simple tip can keep you from having to fit you, the gown, and a little help into that tiny little stall once you're dressed.

Move It!

Transportation for your immediate family and wedding party can go a long way to keeping things moving and keeping people on time. However, the fifteen minute drive from the hotel to the church will, in fact, not take fifteen minutes! Loading everyone up, double-checking to make sure everyone has everything (check for wedding rings and bouquets, as they often get left behind), as well as maneuvering with a wedding gown, unloading, and lining up, all add on to turn that fifteen minute journey into a much longer process.

Snap To It

According to most wedding photographers, couples are requesting a lot more wedding portraits with each other, their wedding party, and family than they have allowed time for between the wedding ceremony and reception. If you choose to do a first look, you can take care of a lot of portraits and wedding party photos early in the day, allowing more time after the ceremony for extended family. If you do not have a first look, you might consider doing split wedding formals. This is where each partner does wedding photos early in the day, alone, with their wedding party and family, which can speed up the process later.

Let’s Dance

Picking a “must play” list is, unfortunately, something many couples leave until the end of the planning process. The music you choose sitting at home on the couch on a Saturday night is probably the not the music to fill your dance floor. Share a "do not play" list with your DJ, as well as a few "we have to hear" songs. You can also share the genres of music you like and let your DJ read the crowd and play what gets people moving. Micromanaging a good DJ has killed more wedding receptions than anything else.

Do The Math

Most couples say they want a great party where people get up and dance. They then invest in an awesome DJ or band, but forget to leave enough time. Here's the simple math:

A typical wedding reception, not including the cocktail hour, is four hours. From this, remove approximately 70 minutes for serving, eating, clearing, introductions, first dance, parents dances, blessings, and cake cutting. Remove an extra 15 minutes for toasts (that’s three-five minutes toasts, not speeches!), and you have about 120 minutes left to your reception. If you introduce everyone in your family and play a different song for everyone in your wedding party or let the best man go on for 20 minutes, you have lost another half hour. This leaves you with enough time for 20 of your favorite songs at approximately 4 ½ minutes per song! The time goes by fast.

Pack It

Time flies by the week of the wedding with last-minute details and family and friends arriving. Help your day go more smoothly by packing your essentials ahead of time.

  • Accessories: Pack not only the jewelry you are wearing on your wedding day but your favorite perfume, a copy of your wedding invitation, special hangers, and shoes for the photographer to shoot. Pack them all together in one carry-on bag. You won’t be needing them before the wedding day.

  • Overnight Bag: Get clothes together for the night before your wedding—something comfy to chill in, as well as any extra clothes or toiletries you may need. And, be sure to pack something special to wear for the night-of.

Saying 'Thank You'

Consider including a quick 'thank you' from you as the guests of honor. Remember to thank your parents, wedding party, and guests for coming. This way, if you miss speaking to someone individually that night, you have still shown your gratitude. Also consider getting a special gift for your parents. This is something that can be shared at the rehearsal, along with gifts for your wedding party.

Planning ahead and being aware of timing can help make sure you don’t overlook any important details on your wedding day.

Hero Photo Courtesy of Simply Korsun Photography