So you've said 'Yes'. What's next? Setting the date, of course! But when is the best time to get married, and why? Couples are picking dates from what's left of 2019, and the best wedding dates in 2020 well in advance. These dates are picked for reasons like holidays, beliefs, personal significance, zodiac signs, numerology, etc. (Learn your lucky wedding date here!) But in all of these, the couple must make sure that whatever dates they pick are ideal for the weather, disposition of locality, personal significance, and comfort. Here are a few of the best and, rightfully so, most popular dates in 2019 and beyond.

Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day weekend falls on Monday, September 2nd. The Saturday or Sunday before is the best time to get married on this holiday weekend. Even more so, if you're planning a wedding that will last way into the night. This gives you and your guests the morale to dance all night long, without fear, as everyone has an extra day to recover from the fun. This is true where travel may be involved to attend your special event, too. The bonus on this 3-day holiday weekend? Both you and your guests won't need to take a Monday off work!

December 31st

December is one of the best months for a wedding. In a time of year already full of festivities, family, love, and happiness all through the holidays, December 31st is especially significant because it's the eve of a new year. A wedding on New Year’s Eve is a great way to strut into 2020 with a huge celebration of the start of a new year and your new life with the person of your dreams.

February 20th

If you take stock in the spiritual meanings behind numbers, February 20, 2020, might be a great day for your wedding. ‘2/20/20’ is an unforgettable date. Not only will it make it easier for your partner to remember, it creates a unique opportunity for beautiful monograms and signage. If you've got your mind set on a wonderfully wintry wedding, this is the ideal time of year to have it.

March 6th

Nothing says "New Beginnings" like a spring wedding. And, nothing makes for a stunning bridal entrance like your once-in-a-lifetime wedding dress. So, why not begin your new, happily married life in your stunning dress or gown on National Dress Day? Celebrated every year on March 6th, we recognize this fun holiday by reminiscing moments in our best dresses and honor their timeless silhouettes and styles.

Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day 2020 falls on Monday, May 25. This is an ideal option for a full weekend of wedding celebrations. If you're looking to save a little money on your venue, many venues charge less for Sundays. Choose either Saturday or Sunday, however, and you and your guests can dance all night long with no worries of work that Monday.

August 8th

In Chinese culture, the number eight is a lucky number symbolizing prosperity and success. Eight is also the shape of the infinity sign, exemplifying loyalty, love, and endless bonds. Isn't that what every couple wishes for? Throw a little luck behind your wedding and consider this warm, summery day for your nuptials.

If you're looking to mark your calendars with your wedding date over the next few months, any of the above can be perfect for your 2019-2020 event. No matter what, you'll have a memorable wedding and an anniversary date you'll surely never forget!

Hero Photo Courtesy of Carsten Tice Photography