When it comes to your wedding day, there may be certain things you feel confident DIY’ing—but, as far as we’re concerned, there’s absolutely no replacement for the expertise, guidance, and execution you'll get from a professional wedding planner and seasoned wedding vendors. You want your day to feel like a celebration, after all—not an event that you somehow got roped into working. Below, then, we've broken down three times you should hire a wedding pro. Kick back, relax, and read on—because the only heavy lifting you should be doing on your wedding day should involve a bottle of champagne.


1. If Logistics Isn’t Your Strong Suit

Let’s face it, we’re not all experts at Excel or super savvy when it comes to seating charts. A professional wedding planner takes over the logistics management piece of planning—which can be a lifesaver for so many engaged couples. There are countless moving pieces to consider when planning a wedding—managing contracts with vendors, creating (and sticking to) a strategic timeline, letting your vendors in early to set up, managing a first-look, managing your wedding party, etc. If handling all of this sounds like a little too much stress for you (and it should...unless you’re superhuman, in which case, share your magical potion with us, please), you should consider hiring a wedding planner.


2. If You’ve Never Done Something on that Scale Before

Just because you’re a great baker who makes unbelievable cakes for family barbecues doesn’t mean you should tackle baking your own wedding cake for a 200-person guest list. When considering DIY’ing something for your wedding, ask yourself if you’ve ever executed that task on such a large scale before. If not, you should probably hire a professional wedding vendor. You may love (and be great at) making floral arrangements at home, but making 50 of them for your wedding day is a completely different story—not to mention the task will likely end up costing you more to DIY, simply because you don't have access to the same wholesale prices from growers and industry-insider discounts a professional florist does.


3. If You Don’t Want to Work at Your Own Wedding

Even the most organized, on-top-of-it bride or groom is going to end up working their own wedding if they don’t have a professional wedding planner or month-of wedding coordinator on hand. (Wondering the difference between the two? Learn more about different types of wedding planners here.) You can prepare for months on end, ensuring everything is in its place on the day-of—but you’ll still need to get there early to set up, let vendors in, etc.


Think about the flow of the ceremony as well—if you’re a couple who isn’t doing a first look and wants to stay hidden from one another, how does that work if you’re tasked with working the wedding? You’ll need to ensure the wedding party is adhering to the timeline while still remaining hidden away for your walk down the aisle. This can get tricky and clunky—and you don’t want any major missteps on such an important day.


The other thing to consider is tear-down. (Psst...we break down the ins-and-outs of wedding tear-down here.) Even if you’re a complete miracle worker who’s managed to plan and execute your wedding to perfection without a pro, do you really want to stay behind and clean up on your wedding night? Vendors charge hefty fees if their supplies aren’t returned to them in a certain manner within a certain time—so you’ll be in charge of keeping track of every last detail as you tear things down and, in certain cases, you’ll even need to turn those items back into the vendors that night. If your main focus for your wedding day is enjoying yourself, at the very least you’ll want to hire a month- or day-of wedding planner to ensure you can kick back and relax, rather than work yourself to the bone.


Overall, we totally understand the desire to save money where you can on your wedding day, but we’re huge believers that a wedding planner and professional wedding vendors aren’t the place to make cuts. No amount of prep in the world, after all, can make up for the decades of professional knowledge and industry insight a planner has to his or her name.


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Hero photo courtesy Shelby Foldy