Ah, the month leading up to your wedding! Everything is perfectly planned, you’re getting tons of sleep, and all you’ve left to do is relax with a glass of vino in hand and wait for your Big Day. Sound familiar? Yeah, not so much. Typically, the month before your wedding is one that’s chock-full of last-minute surprises and some inevitable stress. But, not to fear brides- and grooms-to-be, today we’ve sourced some seriously savvy advice from five wedding-planning pros who’ve seen it all when it comes to month-of stressors. Read on for their top tips for staying sane and (semi) stress-free as your wedding date approaches.


Wedding planning tips from our community of pros:


1. “Set your RSVP deadline no less than a month out so that you have plenty of time to contact stragglers and still submit your final guest counts to the necessary vendors on time. This also gives you a couple of weeks to figure out seating and order place cards or your seating chart so you aren't running around finalizing these important details during the last two weeks” -Ellen Thomas of Ellen Thomas Events


2. “Try to set your last task out a week in advance. This will give you time to completely relax the whole week leading to the wedding. You will be glad you did!” -Courtney Jackson of The Charming Details


3. “Create a packing list of everything you need to bring with you for the rehearsal and wedding. Start this early so you do not forget anything. Make sure to include your rings, marriage license, and socks for the groom!” -Katie Marie of A Lively Event


4. “As easy as it is to become overwhelmed by your approaching wedding day, don't forget your 'why'. As incredible as your big day will be, it's only the beginning of a beautiful adventure with your future spouse. Whether you set aside the time to reconnect on a nightly basis or schedule some date nights, don't forget to also take care of your relationship especially during this often high-stress time." -Veronica Rosado of The Gilded Rose Weddings


5. “Practicing self-care. You don’t want to be Anne Hathaway from Bride Wars tackling someone down the aisle. Don’t forget about yourself & each other! It’s time to really indulge & eliminate those stressors. You don’t need those ugly toxins building up in your body. Whether it’s getting weekly pedicures, binge watching a new Netflix series together, or taking a long relaxing bath, try incorporating these activities more often. You’d be surprised how much rest, recharge (& let’s be honest, release) you will feel by allowing your mind to truly enjoy engagement bliss.” -Breanna McMillan of Luxe Lace Designs



Photo courtesy San Diego wedding photographer Amy Lynn