When you’ve been perusing Pinterest for days (or decades) in search of wedding inspiration, everything can start to look the same after a while—especially when it comes to wedding color palettes. From blush and ivory in the spring to deep cabernet and metallics in winter, so many color palettes have been done...and done...and done again. Today, then, we wanted to offer up some sophisticated color combos you (hopefully) haven’t seen yet. We tasked the ever-talented Lauren from Chancey Charm San Diego with putting her sharp design eye to work—below are the three unexpected color cocktails she mixed up for us.

Summer Cocktail


I didn't want this color palette to come off too "watermelon" because of the salmon color, BUT I think, done well, this palette is a perfect mix for the summer...much like a cocktail. My inspiration for this palette truly was mixing a cocktail. Imagine a pink lemonade & raspberry spritzer during cocktail hour with a fresh garnish of raspberry and mint. For florals, I would combine a beautiful mix of vibrant pinks and muted oranges with fresh, vibrant greenery throughout to create a really lively look and feel. The bright blue can be a tricky one—it has a little bit of a Moroccan vibe. Use this as an accent color throughout, and incorporate lanterns down the aisle with a beautiful Moroccan-blue embellishment on them.



This palette has to be one of my favorites, mostly because it's completely out of my comfort zone to choose a combo of vibrant and deep colors. I’m usually drawn to a more muted palette. This one earns the name Gatsby because I imagine similar deep colors were incorporated into those famous Gatsby soireés. The combination of chartreuse and deep royal blue is gorgeous. Imagine this for your candlelit reception: deep royal blue linens with linen napkins in this gorgeous shade of chartreuse, and florals with fresh, vibrant greenery sitting on candelabras dripping with crystals. This color palette truly holds nothing back, and is perfect for a black-tie soireé.

India Side Chair


I own this giant side chair...I call it a Queen’s Chair because it reminds me of a royal chair. It's in this beautiful muted-yellow hue that has faded so much in some spots it's almost ivory—just like this color palette. I'm always inspired by my queen’s chair and the calm that it brings about in the space it occupies. It sits right next to a rug made in India that boasts vibrant pinks and reds. Both pieces compliment each other in such an unexpected way—maybe it's the perfect combination of muted and vibrant that I find my eye is so drawn to. Imagine linens in this deep blue hue, with glassware and china in a transparent grey color. Use pops of saturated purple throughout (in the florals, in lanterns, etc.) to add some sophistication and depth to this dreamy, worldly palette.

Photographer R & R Photography