When it comes to wedding party digs, one size does not fit all. While uniformity in your wedding party is great, we also love the idea of branching out from the traditional "every bridesmaid in the same gown" look and breathing some energy into your wedding party's getup. Today, then, we're offering our top picks for unique outfits for your wedding party. Read on for our pro tips to ensure your tribe stands out from the Pinterest masses!


For Bridesmaids:



  • Opt for out-of-the-box accessories. A great way to ensure uniformity without making every bridesmaid wear the same dress? Ask them all to accessorize with something similar. This could mean they all wear hats in similar shades, gemstone crowns, chunky boots, or flow-y pashminas. We even love the idea of kimonos or floor-length dusters (so chic) for added drama. A uniform accessory will help to tie your bride-tribe together, without having to put each woman in the same exact get-up. A key for making sure their eye-catching accessories compliment, rather than compete, with one another? Ensure they're all in a similar shade (wraps in varying shades of red, or chunky boots in neutrals/tans, for example) and avoid large prints.


  • Use color strategically. Even if you're choosing to opt for a more traditional look for your bridesmaids, using color strategically can be a great way to ensure they don't look like every other bride-tribe on Pinterest. We love the idea of bridesmaids in all black with bright bouquets that pop agains their gowns. Or, opt to have each bridesmaid wear her choice of a striking gem tone—the aesthetic of all of your bridesmaids in saturated gemstone hues will make for stunning photographs. A final option for playing with color? If it fits with the overall palette of your wedding, opt for "off shades." Rather than bright coral or red, go for rust orange. Rather than kelly green, opt for a muted olive hue. Steer clear of overplayed colors and put your girls in a memorable, off-the-beaten-path shade instead.


For Groomsmen:


  • Modernize the classic black tux with a hat or bolo tie. Have a groomsman or two who love to rock a fedora? We love the idea of modernizing the classic black tux with a hip hat or two. Not every groomsman has to wear one--that could end up looking contrived. Instead, have one or two hat-lovers in your party top off their look with a chic, unforgettable black hat—like this. Throwing a super hip soirée? Why not ditch the classic tie or bowtie in place of a funky turquoise bolo tie instead? These also make great groomsmen gifts—hello, two birds!


  • Let them be feminine. Flowers aren't just for the ladies. A great way to add a little something modern and playful to your wedding party is to throw some floral prints into your groomsmen's look. Something as simple as a floral groomsman tie or a groomsman in a floral shirt can go a long way in ensuring your guy-tribe stands out from the rest. Felt floral lapel pins in place of traditional boutonnieres also make for a great modern touch.


  • Work in some fresh florals. We love a great boutonniere, but that doesn't mean it's your only floral option for your groomsmen outfits. Having a seaside soirée? Opt for groomsmen in leis instead of bouts. Have a groomsman or two with long locks or dreads? Try tying their back their hair with greenery in place of a traditional hair tie. If you prefer to stick to classic bouts, why not amp them up a bit by adding extra sprigs of greenery, for a boutonniere that's a little larger and more eye-catching than normal?

Photo courtesy Scottsdale wedding photographer Rachel Solomon