Let them eat cake, sure, but we wouldn’t be mad at the idea of a donut bar or a cookie buffet, either. With wedding-cake alternatives rising in popularity, we love the idea of working some creativity into your wedding reception via the dessert options. Traditional cakes can be stunning, of course, but offering guests an interactive, playful, unique option for dessert is a sure-fire way to keep them talking about your Big Day for years to come. Below, we’ve broken down some of our all-time favorite wedding cake alternative options. Read on, and get ready to feel that sweet tooth ache.


Biscotti & Coffee Station


We love the idea of having the wedding dessert option be a reflection of the couple. For duos who love coffee, then, opt for a fun biscotti and fresh coffee station. Pull out all of the stops: choose tons of different biscotti flavors and offer an array of local or high-end coffee (you can even include coffee from your favorite shop with a sign that tells guests that story). We also love the idea of including hand-stamped brown bags at the station and encouraging guests to take home a few pieces of biscotti for the morning.


Donuts Bars


This one goes without saying—who doesn’t love a donut, after all? We love the idea of adding some color and creativity to a reception through a fun donut bar. Donuts can be frosted in hues that match the overall wedding and hung on a wall individually to create an aesthetically stunning dessert area.


S'mores Stations


For outdoor summer receptions, we love the idea of offering guests a s’mores station. Guests will have fun gathering around firepits to roast marshmallows, and the photos you’ll get as a result will be priceless. In lieu of a station, you can place pre-portioned s’mores kits at guests’ seats or in baskets near the firepit area. (Be sure to include some pretty blankets, textiles, and pillows around the firepits as well.)


Ice Cream Sundae Stations


For the ice-cream loving couple, we’re swooning over the idea of a fun and interactive ice-cream sundae station. To add a luxurious touch, opt for unique, handmade toppings (like toasted coconut flakes or shaved dark chocolate) from local chefs or restaurants.


Petit Fours


Petit Fours are a perfect option for cake-loving couples who don’t want all of the fuss of serving a massive four-tier wedding cake. Petit Fours can be stacked on trays to create a traditional cake-like look, or placed at each guest’s place setting.


Food Trucks


If your venue allows, a dessert food truck can be such a great wedding-cake alternative option. It gets the flow of foot traffic moving, encourages guests out of their seats and makes for some seriously unforgettable photo ops.


Overall, crafting a wedding-cake alternative is all about figuring out what it is you love to eat and how you can tell that story through sweet treats. Every couple has that coffee shop they first met at or that dessert they share on special occasions—by incorporating this story into a customized dessert station, you can add a truly personal touch to your wedding and keep guests entertained long after dinner has been served.  

Photo courtesy Jen Wojcik Photography