New York Bridal Fashion Week: Fall 2023 Collections We Love

Anne Barge Fall 2023 Collection
October 14, 2022

Our favorite time of the year is here! New York Luxury Bridal Fashion Week is the pinnacle of bridal fashion and is a can’t-miss event for the wedding industry and fashion lovers everywhere. Each year leading luxury designers manage to exceed all expectations and blow us away with their innovative and awe-striking designs. We fell head over heels in love with the silhouettes, textures, and themes showcased in these collections. Grab your comfort bev and settle in to enjoy our top picks for 2023!


This fall, get a taste of New York with this special preview!

Arava Polak | ‘Fields of Halo’ Collection

Based in Haifa, Israel, Arava Polak blends Israeli craftsmanship with the finest fabrics and materials. Hand-embroidered laces, floral motifs, nude and ivory hues, and avant-garde touches symbolize the Arava Polak style. 

The ‘Fields of Halo’ Collection was designed to empower the divine spirit that bestows a special glow onto brides on their wedding day– a halo. Fresh, original, organic designs embody Arava Polak bridal gowns, accentuating every bride’s natural beauty that radiates from within.  

Soft tulle, organza, lace, satin, and crepe are complimented by a modern twist of lavish embellishments. Details ranging from minimalist to delicately embellished, the ‘Fields of Halo’ collection is timeless, elegant, and feminine.

Design Highlights: 

  • Israeli craftmanship
  • Natural fabrics like silk & handcrafted french lace
  • 3-D floral motifs, Swarovski crystals, & shimmering sequins
  • Romantic silhouettes 
 Arava Polak | ‘Fields of Halo’ 2023 Collection

Anne Barge | Fall 2023 Bridal Collection

The Anne Barge Fall 2023 Bridal Collection reflects on the beauty and serenity of the countryside- whether the lush meadows of England or the rolling hills of Kentucky where Anne grew up. She wanted to capture the simplicity of shapes, the lightness of textures, and exquisite embellishments that surround us but are often overlooked.

Sophistication is emphasized through mindful curation from the ideas of my past entangled with the modern twists from a fresh imagined future. Fall is a season of gorgeous sleeves— everything from detachable ones in Alencon lace to a single, satin bishop sleeve. Embroidered lace, Mikado Scuba embossed jacquard, and silk organza are among the fabrics used in a collection that combines romantic and contemporary elements in stunning, timeless designs. 

Design Highlights: 

  • Emphasis on necklines - chic asymmetric, classic high neck in embroidered lace, straight strapless
  • Scattered floral appliqués especially on trains and veils
  • Voluminous ball gowns
  • Statement sleeves
Anne Barge | Fall 2023 Bridal Collection

Inbar Freiman | ‘Ivory Mist’ Collection 

Inbar Freiman’s Ivory Mist portrays the soft and graceful qualities of the sea. The collection’s natural silk and chiffon fabrics are inspired by the ease of the ocean waves. As waves calmly crash upon the shore, the gowns drape seamlessly along the bride's silhouette.

 The power of the current, the beauty of the unknown, and the movement of the soft breeze on the coastal shoreline harmonize together to create the Ivory Mist collection. Intricate details and neutral tones found upon seashells reflect the gentle subtleties hand-crafted into the gowns. The elegant layers and unique lines that shape each shell are carefully cultivated in the sophistication of each gown’s design. 

Design Highlights: 

  • Water motifs
  • Inspiration from modern architecture & organic design
  • Quiet elegance & timeless silhouettes
  • Bohemian romance 
Inbar Freiman | ‘Ivory Mist’ 2023 Collection

Morilee Madeline Gardner | ‘The Empire’ Collection

“We’re not just making something to wear. We’re making magic,” says Madeline Gardner. In each of her dresses, you will notice an emphasis on the elaborate beaded details and her use of rich and sumptuous fabrics. She recognizes the importance of making sure her dresses are timeless while staying up with the most contemporary trends and styles. This collection is perfect for a rom-com with a New York backdrop!

Design Highlights: 

  • Crystal beading
  • Detachable pouf sleeves
  • Embroidered trains
  • Scalloped hemlines
Morilee Madeline Gardner | 2023 Collection

Sareh Nouri | ‘La Dolce Vita’ Collection

Inspired by the rolling hills of Tuscany to the island of Sicily, Sarah Nouri hopes to transport you to Italy, as you explore her latest bridal collection. From large cities to small towns, Italy is rich in love, culture, and artistry.

Sareh allowed romance to guide her as she designed intricate laces, billowing skirts, and hand-pleated draping. Touches of femininity and opulence are just a few of the features adorned by the gowns in this stunning collection! After her recent trip, Sarah found inspiration in the beautiful language, romance, tradition, and picturesque landscapes throughout the Italian countryside. With lace inspired by the waters of Venice and the lush flowers of Capri, each gown encapsulates an Italian experience.

Sareh Nouri hopes her brides find the same “romanzo” and imagine themselves under the Tuscan sun or beside the glistening sea of the Amalfi coast, as they travel the Fall 2023 “La Dolce Vita” Bridal Collection.

Design Highlights: 

  • Intricate laces
  • Billowing skirts
  • Pleated draping
  • Fairytale Italian essence
Sareh Nouri | ‘La Dolce Vita’ Collection

AMSALE | ‘Coastal Mementos’ Collection 

Coastal Mementos by AMSALE is an organic return to nature inspired by an off-season sojourn. The ambiance of this season’s collection is misty, moody, and emotion-evoking, taking brides on a journey for their wedding day both literally and figuratively. In addition to its namesake collection, the house also released fresh designs across all ranges, including Little White Dress, Nouvelle Amsale, Amsale Bridesmaids, and Evening.

Design Highlights: 

  • Unique cuts
  • Modern art elements 
  • Long skirts and eclectic shapes
AMSALE 2023 Collection

Do you feel that? It’s inspiration!

Hero photo courtesy of Anne Barge


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