New York Bridal Fashion Week: Spring 2024 Highlights

Anne Barge 2024 spring collection: Woman wearing a sleek strapless dress surrounded by flowers
April 17, 2023

April showers bring May flowers—and new wedding collections! Spring New York Bridal Fashion Week brought us intricate, sophisticated, and empowering designs to mark a new era of wedding couture that embraces independence and self-love. We’re taking you with us to NYBFW and sharing our favorite picks from this season!


Anne Barge | Spring & Summer 2024 Collection

When Anne Barge created this line, she drew inspiration from the timeless allure of femininity and refinement. This line embraces a fresh and modern sensibility that delights in the unexpected: a touch of blue, lavender, mint green, and melon. A floral appliquéd neckline or an open draped back, a gossamer overlay of embroidered Chantilly lace, and exquisite, one-of-a-kind details make a gown unforgettable.   

“Marriers today are very confident in their personal style and are willing to take more risks than in the past,” says Shawne Jacobs, Creative Director of Anne Barge. “It could be robin’s egg blue trim, detachable ruffled lace sleeves, or a dramatic, asymmetrical neckline. There are no rules - only the gown that embodies the nearlywed's dream.”  

Design Highlights: 

  • Embroidered Chantilly lace 
  • Unexpected colors 
  • Accent trims
Anne Barge Collection
Photos courtesy of Anne Barge

Enaura | "Capturing the Ephemeral" Collection

Capturing the transitory nature of beauty, the “Ephemeral” collection by Enaura features vintage-inspired silhouettes and textural details on satins and opulent silks. The delicate and flowing fabrics suggest movement and transience, while also evoking a sense of elegance and refinement. Modern features blend with nostalgic details that nod to the past but are still relevant today, like hand pleating, draping, and embroidery for a contemporary, yet classic look. Expertly designed and masterfully crafted to evoke the romance and grace of bygone eras, each gown captures the ephemeral, inviting marriers to embody every fleeting moment of their wedding day. 

Design Highlights:

  • Vintage silhouettes 
  • Textured detailing
  • Flowing fabrics
Photos courtesy of Enaura

Badgley Mischka | "The Grand Gesture" Collection

This season emphasizes “The Grand Gesture” with modern shapes, volume, and sweeping fabulous fabrics with statement details like sequin origami roses, dustings of delicate feathers, and a spray of jeweled flowers.

Sheer fabrics highlight the gown's ethereal nature, and satin provides structure and presence. Marriers are looking for dramatic, modern, and elegant with the allure of the past. These gowns will be at home on the rolling lawns of Newport “cottage,” the historic halls of Highcliff, or the pink beaches of Bermuda.

Design Highlights: 

  • Modern shapes
  • Delicate & translucent fabrics 
  • Fine sequins & feathers
Badgley Mischka
Photos courtesy of Badgley Mischka

Arava Polak | "La Foret White" Collection

Based in Haifa, Israel, Arava Polak applies intricate sewing techniques, unique to the luxury brand. Local artisans apply a rigorous and handmade process of careful stone setting which results in exclusive and breathtaking textures.   

Inspired by the effortless beauty of nature, “La Foret White” by Arava Polak, accentuates the natural glow of a marrier on their wedding day. Devoted to bringing every marrier's fantasy to life, the lightweight fabrics and exquisite floral laces create romantic, elegant looks. The gowns are pure shades of ivory and white, carefully embellished with leaf appliques, 3D flowers, and layers of silk tulle with intricate beading throughout. Created with the finest fabrics and materials, “La Foret White” radiates with glamour and luxuriousness, while also integrating the beauty and harmony of nature.

Design Highlights: 

  • Lightweight floral lace
  • Intricate beading & designs 
  • Elegant & natural 
Arava Polak
Photos courtesy of Arava Polak

Sahar | "YELLOW" Collection

Determined to embrace the vast personalities and independence of women and all people, YELLOW by Sahar transcends beyond the typical wedding gown. Yellow is a fearless color in the white world of bridal. Sahar Fotouhi’s, YELLOW, embodies the daringness in marriers to defy the norm and choose a gown reflective of their individual character.    

Designed to celebrate the happiest day of a person's life, YELLOW doesn't stray away from representing marriers’ aspirations. The combination of original artistry and traditional elements with modern concepts introduces a bold vision into the wedding world.    

Created with the most luxurious French and Italian fabrics, the gowns are embellished with French laces, touching the delicate yet dominant side of a YELLOW marrier. Each design presents itself as a piece of art with the most diligent care and craftsmanship.    

Design Highlights: 

  • Bold & unique styles 
  • French lace
  • Nontraditional glamour
Sahar Yellow collection
Photos courtesy of Sahar


Hero photo courtesy of Anne Barge


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