Planning an Elegant & Romantic Valentine's Day Wedding

Sweet couple in front of Valentine's balloon arch
February 13, 2023

L is for the way you look at me—it's the season of L.O.V.E. and we're so excited to celebrate! Valentine’s Day is a holiday filled with love and romance, so it’s not surprising that many couples choose to say "I do" on this special day. Although Valentine's themes can run the risk of being kitschy, there are plenty of ways to have a Valentine’s Day-themed wedding that is elevated and elegant. Check out these sweet ideas that will make you melt and fall in love!


Start With the Invitation

This is the first glimpse guests have of the big day, so convey the theme with Valentine’s Day-inspired wedding invitations. You don't need to go overboard with lots of hearts—a simple red, pink, and black motif with elegant calligraphy can more than suffice. It's all about simplicity and focal elements that the couple loves!

Red and pink invitation suite
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Set the Mood

Lighting plays a vital role in creating an event’s overall vibe. White string lights and lit candles will set a romantic feel throughout the venue. And the plus is that moody lighting is cheaper and packs an even more romantic punch than most other types of decor. Check out Creating the Perfect Ambiance for more inspiration!

Couple walking down the street with romantic lights hanging from above
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Showcase Love-Themed Motifs

There are many ways to incorporate motifs into the wedding day décor and still make it look sophisticated. Think of a neon “Love” sign or heart-shaped balloons behind the sweetheart table, heart-shaped table numbers, strawberries everywhere, cupid’s arrow pillows in the lounge area, or a heart-shaped floral arch at the altar—you get the idea.

Married couple feeding each other strawberries
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Design a Lounge Area

Guests can take a break from the dancing in a lounge area that features pink upholstered sofas and chairs, pink and red pillows, balloons, and candles. Add some fun touches, like polaroid cameras for people to take pictures, frames with pictures of the couple's love story, or love cross word puzzles for guests to complete.

Romantic lounge at wedding with polaroid camera
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Add Pops of Pink & Red

Start with a neutral base—white or black works well—and then add pink and red touches throughout your event. You can do this with everything from floral arrangements and tablescapes to wedding cakes and drapery. This approach allows you to showcase Valentine’s Day colors without looking gaudy and over-the-top. A berry color palette would also be absolute perfection. My Moody Valentine: Red Berry Bliss has every tip you need to make this palette come to life!


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Couple getting married at the alter with a floral arch
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Create Signature Cocktails

Ask the bartender to concoct a signature red or pink drink that guests can enjoy throughout the reception and give it a fun V-Day name. Check out these 15 Fun Valentine's Day Cocktails!

Signature pink wedding cocktails
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Feature Love Quotes

Place famous quotes about love and romance throughout the event. They can take the place of table numbers, be engraved onto cocktail napkins, serve as signage displayed throughout the venue, or be featured in cute poem booklets as favors.

Couple reading love poems at their wedding out of a red book
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Be Bold With Romantic Florals

Valentine’s Day is synonymous with flowers, so you’ll want lush arrangements when it comes to bouquets and centerpieces. And while roses are the preferred flower for this holiday, the florist can incorporate any blooms the couple desires. A mix of pink, red, and white will go perfectly with the Valentine’s Day theme.

Pink and red bouquet
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Valentine's Accessories 

The wedding party can don dresses in various shades of pink, and coordinate matching ties and boutonnieres. The couple can always ditch the white and wear a blush-colored gown as they walk down the aisle, or simply pair their white dress with some red shoes. For a touch of charm, read Season of Color: Tips on Picking a Colorful Wedding Dress. Classic suits or tuxedos in burgundy and blush would complete the look!

Valentine's Day Accessories
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Serve Sweet Treats

Valentine’s Day is also a day when people hand out sweets to their family and friends. Set up a dessert table filled with delicious options that guests can enjoy at the wedding or take home as a favor. Some ideas include chocolate-covered strawberries, pink frosted donuts, conversation hearts, mini heart-shaped pies, and pink cake pops. Or you can go vintage and add some traditional heart-shaped cakes with buttercream frosting! Check out these beautiful Vintage Cakes that are trending right now! 

Valentine dessert bar
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Valentine's Day Shoot

Modern Love in the Heart of London is featured in The Aisle Guide! The Stars Inside, A Lover's Thread, and Lisa Jane Photography came together to bring to life this chic editorial inspired by the archives of Vogue.

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