How to Make Your Listing on The Aisle Guide Attract New Clients

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April 16, 2021

Wedding pros, you need a listing that is going to wow consumers so much that they become instant clients. In an ever-evolving industry, figuring out where to advertise your wedding business can be confusing with so many options. Finding and connecting with the couples who need you in their lives can happen in one of a seemingly thousand places. The Aisle Guide's Marketplace Listings are simple, customizable, and can connect you with the clients that need you! Created with the knowledge that not all marketing channels are created equally, building a pro listing on The Aisle Guide can help you attract clients and stand out among the crowd. 

Select Captivating Images

One of the easiest ways to make your listing catch the eye of potential clients is with a captivating hero image. Why? Because not only is your hero image the first thing people see within your listing, it’s what appears in the marketplace when people are searching for wedding professionals in your area. So, pick a unique image that best represents your work and style to make people excited to learn more about you!

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Pro Tip: High-resolution images may cause page loading issues, so it's best to upload header photos for your listing at 1920x800px and 72dpi.

In addition to using a prominent hero image to attract potential clients, the 'Portfolio' section of your listing is another great place to entice them with photos. Upload a few of your favorite wedding galleries and get creative. Beneath this section is also a place for uploading 'Videos.' If you have a great photo or video of you working with clients or vendors, create a portfolio that features them and use the description areas to talk about what it’s like working with you! Or, if you are known for something special, dedicate a portfolio to showcasing what’s unique about your business and services.

Write Strong Copy

Even though we all know that potential clients are drawn to images like bees to honey, including a strong written description of your business, services, and portfolio can really be the thing that convinces them to contact you. So, when writing copy for your listing, be sure to keep it concise, written in an active voice, and speaking to your ideal client. We shared more about these tips in an article about how to create an effective brochure.

Pro Tip: Looking for an instant upgrade for your copywriting toolbox? Here are some words to work into your descriptions that have been shown to convert: Wanted, Exclusive, Premier, Certified, Professional, Unparalleled, Helpful, Expert, Reliable, Limited...
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Get Featured & Gain Impressive Reviews

Having your work featured in publications is a form of social proof for couples, so your listing will showcase any wedding inspiration you’ve been featured in on The Aisle Guide. Perhaps more important than the social proof of featured work is the impact strong (but honest) reviews can have. Potential clients want to know what it’s like to work with you from other couples who already have. With AP you can send out requests for reviews to your former clients and professional partners. Once people complete the review, it’ll be included in your listing and you’ll have the ability to respond to it.

Put Forward a Memorable First Impression

Making a memorable first impression means not only will potential clients inquire, but that they’ll really want to work with you. And building out an impressive listing with images, copy, and reviews is made even better with a powerful response. Since your listing is connected to your Lead Management Tools, you can set up your auto-responder so inquiring clients hear back from you right away!


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