The Importance of Online Reviews and How AP Makes it Easy

The Importance of Online Reviews and How AP Makes it Easy
October 03, 2019
It’s almost that time of year! The trees are changing colors, the air is crisp, and proposals are being meticulously planned as we speak. Engagement season begins in late November and goes all the way up until Valentine’s Day. As you prepare for this engagement season, let’s talk about all things reviews.  As humans, we are easily swayed by what others think and say. And boy do we care about what others have to say when we're interested in a service or product. Let’s face it, we all live by reviews, and this is no exception for couples looking for wedding professionals to assist them during their big day. Before committing to anything, the first thing most people do is check the star ratings and reviews that others have made. Rightfully so, reviews are a crucial part of marketing in this digital age and what you have to offer is instantly accessible to future clients. Aisle Planner makes it easy for you to gather reviews and make this engagement season the best one yet!


Build a Relationship

First things first, why even bother with reviews? The whole point of having your services reviewed is not only to increase your booking rates but to fortify a network and loyalty with the couples you work with. That should always be your priority and the rest will come. Give your clients a voice by fostering a relationship with them via online reviews. Couples appreciate being considered and heard. By initiating the review process, you are showing them that you care about their experience and that you are actively working to better accommodate all of your couples.

Did you know? Seeing reviews from your past clients is a great way to prove the quality of your work to your prospective millennial customers. Our Marketplace listings are specifically designed to create a fantastic first impression and provide all the proof browsing brides, grooms and other event clients need to connect with pros for their events.

Quality Over Perfection

Although we recognize the importance of reviews and the impact they can have on the trajectory of your business, we are also here to tell you that it’s not all about 5 star ratings! There is no such thing as perfection and that’s the beauty of it. You have a special set of talents and valuable services that people want. Reviews simply highlight what you already have. Don’t fixate on why you got 4 stars instead of 5. No one gets 5 stars! Everything could have gone to the tee, but the truth of the matter is that people are more inclined to rate 4 stars even if they are extremely happy with your services. That’s just the nature of business. There’s always room for growth and improvement. Instead, you should focus on doing what you’re passionate about and continue to do what you do best. The happiness that your work brings you is worth more than a review. Celebrate the victories and keep moving forward!



Marketing Yourself and Gaining Visibility

Get the conversation started! Reviews help you improve your ratings on search engines like Google and Yahoo. The more people that are talking about you, the easier you will be to find. We understand how difficult it can be to advertise your business in the midst of competition, so we've created a space where your work can be easily found and marketed. Aisle Planner’s wedding vendor marketplace exists to make you look good and to help with this challenging task.


  • Is linked to any inspiration you have featured on Aisle Planner
  • Shows off your portfolio
  • Is connected to Aisle Planner’s lead management tools
  • Comes with analytics to help you track your ROI
  • Includes reviews from past clients or professional partners

To maximize your marketplace, you have the ability to customize your Aisle Planner listing domain. We also recommend spending some time curating your business profile, defining your services, and building your portfolio in order to properly portray your brand. The best part of the Aisle Planner marketplace listings is that it’s ideal for gathering and displaying reviews. Requesting reviews is a simple process that can be done in just a couple of steps. You can watch a requesting reviews tutorial video or follow the steps below.

To send a review request, start by:

  1. Clicking Listing in the main menu of your Planner Dashboard and then on the Reviews option.
  2. Once you're there, click on the gold Add Review button towards the top left of your screenA form will open for you to enter in the name of whomever you are requesting a review from, their email contact, and a message.
  3. Enter in your request directly into the form, just as you would if you were sending them an email.
  4. Click “send request” and it will land in their email inbox! When the recipient opens the request and clicks through to complete it, they will be able to type in their review as well as give you a rating.

You’ll be notified as soon as a client completes a review and you can then respond to them (which we highly encourage) to continue to build that relationship. Through this, you're engaging your target audience/future clients and are nurturing a community around your business. Start requesting reviews through Aisle Planner and you’ll find that once you facilitate this dialogue, you’ll have couples raving about you!


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