Introducing the Aisle Planner Wedding Vendor Marketplace

Introducing the Aisle Planner Wedding Vendor Marketplace
March 18, 2018

Aisle Planner Wedding Vendor Marketplace

Advertising your business and connecting with couples just got easier (and a whole lot prettier) today because we are very excited to announce that our new Wedding Vendor Marketplace is open for business!

As a team of wedding industry professionals, we know that getting your business in front of potential clients can be challenging and that all of the Instagramming in the world can only get you so far.  So, we’ve been working hard to not only showcase the talent and expertise of our pro community through our articles and inspiration but also on creating something that makes it easy for couples to find the best wedding vendors (a.k.a. you!).

Our new wedding vendor marketplace is more than just a bunch of searchable listings!  And, to make sure we are supporting you with a listing that will help you fill up your lead manager, each:

  • is linked to any inspiration you have featured on Aisle Planner
  • shows off your portfolio
  • is connected to Aisle Planner’s lead management tools
  • comes with analytics to help you track your ROI
  • includes reviews from past clients or professional partners

Aisle Planner Wedding Vendor Marketplace

How to Access Your Listing’s Analytics

You can access your analytics within your listing manager. To get there, click on Listing in the main menu of your Planner Dashboard and then on the Analytics option. You’ll be taken to your analytics page where you can see metrics about:

  • how many times someone has inquired through your listing
  • how many times someone has favorited your listing
  • how many views your listings has had
  • how many times someone has clicked on any of your links (to your website, Facebook page, Instagram feed, Pinterest account, or Twitter feed)

Plus, you can filter these metrics to show you the activity from all time, the last 30 days or the previous 12 months.

Aisle Planner Wedding Vendor Marketplace

How to Send a Request for a Review

Reviews are an important piece of a listing that converts, so we are also excited to have added this value to ours! To send a review request, start by clicking Listing in the main menu of your Planner Dashboard and then on the Reviews option. Once you are there, click Add Review. A form will open for you to enter in the name of whomever you are requesting a review from, their email contact, and a message. Enter in your request directly into the form just as you would if you were sending them an email. Click “send request” and it will land in their email inbox!  When the recipient opens the request and clicks through to complete it, they will be able to type in their review as well as give you a rating.

Aisle Planner Wedding Vendor Marketplace

You’ll receive an email notification once the review has been completed (it will automatically publish to your listing) that includes a link to respond to it. We recommend taking the time to respond to every review you receive – even if it is just to say thank you!

Want to Advertise Your Wedding Business?

You can set up your listing anytime and start advertising your business for free on Aisle Planner! Or, you can upgrade your listing to get perks like:

  • being able to tag additional markets and categories
  • being able to include additional products, services, and portfolios
  • premium placement in search results as well as homepage features
As always, if you have any questions about our new features, don’t hesitate to get in touch! You can check out our FAQs in our help center here or reach us at

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