Elle Bridal Goes to Bridal Fashion Week

Couture Events Goes to Bridal Fashion Week
November 17, 2015

Today, we are so excited to bring you the East Coast adventures of two very West Coast women. Krystel and Karina, founders of Couture Events, happen to be two of the raddest women ever (next to Beyoncé and the First Lady, obvi) and so generously shared their Bridal Fashion Week experience with us (highs, lows, slices of street pizza and all). Turns out, NYC taught the San Diego-dwelling duo many a valuable lesson, but their two favorite take-aways? (1) Give yourself an extra hour to get anywhere (especially if you have a fear of the subway. Not that they do. At all.), and (2) There are two Metro Pavilions. (And you’re likely to end up at the wrong one. Just sayin.) Noted and noted.

So, bust out your street-chic wear and put on your big-girl pants, people, because we’re taking you to the Big Apple with K&K.

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From missing the Amsale show to sitting front-row at the Pronovis show, from oh-so-greasy street-pizza to romantic fall walks through Central Park, K&K’s trip to NYC was definitely full of sights to remember, lessons to forget and—most importantly—bridal-wear to covet. To wrap our interview, we asked K&K what an Elle Bride is...and they gave us a pretty awesome answer ("The Elle bride is feminine and stylish. She is someone who knows fashion and who knows what she wants.") But, we’d like to add to that, because we decided, if an Elle Bride is half as brave, relentless and hilarious as the brand’s fearless founders, she’s probably one hell of a chick (fear of the subway, missed fashion shows and all).


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