Getting Tech-Wise: How Technology Can Change Your Business for the Better

May 05, 2020

Technology is the future and we either have to adapt and grow with it or get left behind. There’s a special aura in the traditional. Wedding planning should always have that comforting traditional feel to it and you don’t need to compromise that! Keep the traditional but incorporate the new. Technology can revolutionize your business and set it on an accelerated track, one that could only be achieved with the use of proper technological tools. Aisle Planner has an advanced suite of tools that are made just for you, by wedding professionals just like you!


Wedding Tech

According to Think Splendid wedding tech is the fastest growing segment of the wedding industry. With that said, several wedding tech companies have popped up throughout the past couple of years and have failed to understand the “why” and the importance behind providing the wedding community with quality tools. Think Splendid highlights how these wedding tech companies lack awareness, education, and respect for the history of the industry and those that paved the way. So why is Aisle Planner any different? We’re from the industry and for the industry. Our team consists of former wedding and event professionals who are working toward the greatest all-in-one tech solution for our industry. We’re a part of this community and are passionate about helping our community grow and thrive.

Iron Foundations

When Aisle Planner was still in its first stages, we focused on ensuring that we had a Strong and Sturdy Foundation. So in turn we want to help you have an impenetrable foundation. That’s why we made tools that we know will be in line with the rigor of your work. That way you can breathe easier and have more time on your hands. Your business requires you to have a reliable foundation. Business essentials like marketing, budgeting, and workflow management are parts of your foundation that can now be managed through tech. Out of all the elements that may be out of your control, your business' technological process should be locked in. 

Aisle Planner's Layout tool

A Whole Suite of Tools For You

You’ll find convenience and efficiency when you use our full set of tools together! You can trust that everything is in one spot and that we have your back. With the AP tools you can guide client expectations, advertise your business and services, always have a system set in place for all of your template needs, and most importantly, secure clients by showing them how you can make their wedding planning experience extraordinary. Couples look for wedding pros who use tools that are up to date. That means transparency, accessibility, and aesthetic. Aesthetic shows your brand and your caliber of work. If the suite of tools you use isn’t beautiful and smooth running they can only assume that it’s a reflection of your services.

Here’s a few of the many AP tools you can use to make your business the best it can be.

We're proud to provide tools that'll make your job easier and help you shine even more than you already do. We have templates for just about anything you can think of so you never have to start from scratch, plus the budget and design tools that'll make your clients swoon from happiness. We're consistently working on making more tools that blend seamlessly together so you have the strongest technological armor for your business!


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