Connecting With Generation Z in a Language They Understand

Connecting With Generation Z in a Language They Understand
January 21, 2020

Young people scroll through their favorite apps like they're going through the morning newspaper. Generation Z has grown up with technology and the internet readily available at all times. So, in a way, social apps are the present-day newspaper. It’s how the youth access information about current events, decide where they’re going to go, what they’re going to eat, and who they want to hire for their wedding! Businesses have to keep up by becoming more and more tech savvy and creating trendy digital marketing plans. We’ve already highlighted how we can provide Personalization for Gen Z, but how can we take this knowledge to the next level and what digital platforms can we use to our advantage? In this article we’ll be giving you a look at the apps and opportunities you have to connect to a younger audience.



True and thriving, this platform is evolving. Unlike Facebook, who's more often used by older generations, Instagram is heavily dominated and favored by the youth. The Instagram story feature has become widely popular and frequents the most views. You can edit pictures and videos and even provide links within the story, so your audience can access your website with a simple swipe up. Create more engaging Instagram Stories and bring more traffic to your profile by upping your Instagram aesthetic and using these 14 Apps For Creating Gorgeous Instagram Stories. Post on your profile and increase your reach by letting viewers know about your new post via your Insta Story. But what kinds of things are worthy of posting and recording?

Gen Z loves a behind the scenes sneak peek and process time lapse video. Let’s say you’re a baker. Take a glam shot of your beautiful cake and record a video of it being made. It’s the process that goes viral. There’s something incredibly satisfying about watching something being made by a professional. This can be done with anything. Wedding décor, wedding day set up, all of the works. Imagine how fun it would be to get to watch a sped-up video of a wedding coming to life!? It’s content like this that catches the most eyes and gets shared more often.

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A recent VidMob survey shows that “59 percent of Gen Z respondents said they use their YouTube app a lot more than they did a year prior.” That means that YouTube is still on the rise. Like Instagram, think of parts of your work that would be enjoyable to watch. Make it personal by creating a planning capsule video that your clients can keep. With their consent, you can record all of the big moments in the planning process and your clients can have a keepsake to look back on.

With your client's permission, you can share these videos so future clients can see how you can help make their dreams a reality too. Visually and emotionally charged content tends to have the most impact. Don’t be shy in sharing the parts of your work that you're most proud of. Weddings are not just the end product! There's so much that happens in between the proposal and the “I do.” That’s where you come in!

Pro Tip: Here are six of the top benefits for promoting your business with video in the wedding and events industry.


The new Vine of the internet. Young audiences want to be wowed and entertained with visual stimulus. The short video format that TikTok has is perfect to grab a Gen Z viewer’s attention. With 500 million active users worldwide, this app ranks ninth among social-networking sites, ahead of LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and Snapchat. TikToks are becoming the most shared across platforms. What starts on TikTok makes its way to Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Those ASMR videos have nothing on you and what you can do! For instance, join the couple’s cake tasting and record close ups of the delicious cakes, the different flavors, and the couple’s reactions to them. Gen Z loves cat videos almost as much as they love mouthwatering food content. You're a wedding professional for a reason. You have a variety of talents and gifts that you can share as content. Teach your audience how to create an elegant tablescape or the perfectly aligned place setting. Content like this increases likeability and recognition. You're putting your work out there and slowly creating a reputation that people will remember when they're look for a wedding pro.

Get started on filming your Insta, YouTube, and TikTok videos by checking out the 10 Best Smartphone Tripods in 2020. Tripods are an easy, travel-friendly way to record content on the go and make content whenever the opportunity arises. You don’t have to be a pro at filming to improve your digital presence. You already have what it takes and what makes you stand out. All you have to do is share it with the world!


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