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Layouts & Seating
May 21, 2024

We love doing the impossible with our suite of tools! Here at Aisle Planner, we know that the right technology can revolutionize your business and design tools are the foundation for bringing your clients vision to life. The highly requested and anticipated Layout & Seating Tool has taken pros to new levels of design and efficiency. We want to highlight this Aisle Planner powerhouse and encourage you to dive in and become well versed in this tool so you can thrive in all things design process. You’ll soon want to be in a committed relationship with this seamless tool, and our team is right here to help you along the way!


Match Made in Heaven 

There’s so much to the design process. The theme, color palette, guest list size, vendor location, design inspiration matching the venue, and staying on budget. You have a big task, but the Layouts & Seating tool makes the design process a breezy walk in the park. When it comes to design and layout, nothing can be left to chance or guesses. We’ve made the mistakes so you can learn from them. These 10 Mistakes Event Planners Make When Trying to Design the Perfect Floor Plan can be easily evaded with the right tips and the Layouts & Seating tool at your side. And get this, the Layouts & Seating tools are all included in the monthly subscription cost! It’s not additional and you don’t need to open a new software to create a layout, it’s all in the power-of-one. Saving you money and time!

Layouts and Seating

Start at the Beginning 

Like all good stories, a layout begins with an idea and a blank page of opportunity. You are the creative director. You can start your layout from scratch or upload a custom floor plan from your venue. 

This tool is a digital playground for trying out different designs. You can’t design a space without things to place. So we have a pre-populated library filled with the most common objects event professionals use regularly, like tables, chairs, seating, lighting, decor, etc. With easy drawing, alignment, placement, and labeling tools you can customize it all to a T. Include pictures, directions for set up—anything you find necessary. If we don't have the objects you're looking for, the good news is that you can easily make your own!

You can even design multiple spaces, like the ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception. You can create several layout options in each project to show your clients. The permission setting allows clients to see them without being able to alter them. 

layout and seating


Using the Venue to Your Advantage 

Get creative! There are so many layouts possible. With your innovation, we’ve opened the doors to ceremony sofas, mats, spiraled seating, chevron, etc. Get more layout inspo with Designing Dream Ceremony Layouts With Aisle Planner.

Hear from a wedding pro on the Ultimate Planner’s Layout and Seating Challenge. Francine Ribeau Events gives you an inside look at how she uses the Layout & Seating tool to bridge the gap of vision into reality. No matter the challenges that were thrown Francine’s way, she overcame them with the help of the trusty Layouts & Seating tool. Check out this Before & After by The Greatest Adventure Weddings & Elopements!   

wedding layout
Gracie B Photography

Getting the Scale Just Right 

Design is great and all, but making sure you know the dimensions of the space and whether or not everything will fit is top priority. Luckily, we have Scale Settings to make sure every inch is accounted for and your designs fit just right. We also provide service area guides so you have a good idea of spacing and what's considered a comfortable space between tables and seats.

Layouts and Seating

Seating Made Easy

Once you’re done with the layouts you can head over to Simple Seating. A tool that makes this process fun! With the quick drag-and-drop guest seating, you can pull confirmed guests and those that haven’t confirmed yet, into a list, and easily organize guests by group. Never worry that you won’t have enough seats, our seating stats notify you how many seats your layout includes, and show you Table View. 

"One of my favorite things about the Layout Tool is the ability for you or your couples to assign seating for their guests. It’s as easy as dragging a name from the Guest menu to any guest table or chair. Once guests are assigned to a table, you can print out seating charts, toggle on colored indicators to show which meals go to whom (planners: your caterers will love you for this), determine the number of chairs you need at each table, and download your layout and guest list (with meal selections and seating assignments) as a PDF. Personally, I like using it specifically to keep track of where people with special dietary restrictions are seated, as shown below. Seating assignments in Aisle Planner are seriously a game-changer!" - Dive Into the Layout, Guest List, & Seating Tools With Todd Harper

Seating tool

Want More?

Check out Aisle Planner’s excellent Layout & Seating Tools Help Center to learn how to use these tools. We have every layout and seating solution in one place!  


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