Feature Enhancement: Getting Back to Business With Two Fantastic Updates!

Style Guides
June 15, 2020

How exactly you’re going to go about creating amazing experiences for your clients in a post-pandemic world may not be clear at the moment, but we’re steadily opening back up and the job’s still the same: deliver dream events for your clients. We’ve continued to work hard behind the scenes to continue to improve our full range of features to make it as easy and effective as possible, no matter what the "new normal" may look like, to meet new clients, manage every step of your booking process, and work through every detail of every event or project with precision and perfect organization. We’ve got two new updates that are sure to bring a smile to your face by making your work on AP that much smoother.


Automated Numbering for Quotes & Invoices

Invoice numbers are one of the most important aspects of your business documents. Not only do they ensure that income is properly detailed for tax and accounting purposes, they also make it easier to track payments against all of your events and projects. Within your Quotes and Invoices templates settings, you now have the option to customize your number formatting and set a starting number. Our new quote and invoice creation process walks you through the naming and numbering of these critical documents, step by step.

Invoice Auto Numbering
Invoice Auto Numbering

Pro Tip:

  • Not only does it ensure a great deal of peace of mind, having an invoice numbering system helps you keep track of your business’s growth and development over time.
  • Invoice numbering helps you search and find invoices when responding to client inquiries or disputes, and reference past work with returning clients.
  • Invoice numbering helps you avoid duplicate invoicing and payment, which makes for happy clients!

Style Guide Templates

Style Guides are one of the greatest tools in your Aisle Planner arsenal to share in the planning process with your clients, making it easier to pare down visuals from various sources and organize them for every aspect of an event. With Style Guide templates, you can streamline your process by getting the design conversation started quickly, and off on the right foot, with all the same flexibility and collaborative experience with your team, your vendor partners, and your clients.

Like all of our project-related templates, we’ve made it easy and straightforward to build, catalog, and add Style Guide templates to your projects. Once you’ve created them in the Templates settings of your account, and created your own custom folders to keep them organized, you can pull them into any project and then add or remove images, add comments, and create corresponding color palettes.

Style Guide Template
Style Guide Template

Pro Tip:

  • Create room setup design catalogs for each room or location at your venue or preferred sites.
  • Showcase different color palettes, seasonal, or floral family collections to help your clients understand the floral design process better from the get-go.
  • Set up image guides of various styles, poses, backdrops, and locations to share with and inspire clients for their upcoming photo shoots and events.
  • Start off the design discussion with clients using Style Guide templates as image collections highlighting the latest trends or timeless anthologies.
  • Organize and present your design rental catalog by category or design collection and get decisions made faster!

Doing business better delivers better results, and building the tools to help our pros create spectacular events and experiences for their clients is what we’re all about at Aisle Planner. For more information on these updates, be sure to visit our Help Center articles on invoice and quote auto numbering or creating Style Guide templates, or connect with our stellar Customer Support team via in-app message or by email at customercare@aisleplanner.com!


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