We Are Aisle Planner

We believe a beautiful online workspace can foster creativity, encourage collaboration, and boost productivity to help you build a better business. That's the idea, and the mission, behind everything we do.

From the Industry

From the moment we opened the doors to our planning and design firm, the search was on to find the most comprehensive, efficient way to manage our business, and with that, each event. From well-prepared three-ring client binders filled with custom documents and complicated spreadsheets to modern-day online tools, we tried every possible way to find a comprehensive solution that would keep us organized, impress our clients and encourage productivity in one online workspace we loved to work in. It wasn't long before we learned that others in the industry shared the same sentiment. Out of our frustration, Aisle Planner was born, and we set out to create the perfect solution for a wedding pro's every need.

While our team has grown as our company grows, we remain a reflection of the community we serve - event pros with a passion for our industry. Our collective experience drives product design and our commitment to supporting our community in building stronger businesses.

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For the Industry

We make a difference through the tools we make, the platform we have, and most importantly, the community we create. You're why we do what we do. We're proud to support our ever-growing community of wedding and event pros from around the world.
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A Commitment to Love & Diversity

Aisle Planner celebrates all love, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, or religion. We believe in diversity and inclusivity and are committed to creating a space that is free of judgment and bias. We do not tolerate racism, hate, or violence toward any person, couple, culture, or community. We believe in the power of love and are committed to representing all members of our community and celebrations from all corners of the world.

With our Diversity and Inclusion Committee, we work to empower the many diverse voices within to provide insight, guidance, and accountability in addressing the topics of diversity, equality, and social justice as a brand, as a business, and as an industry leader. It is our promise to ensure that everyone in our community has a voice and is represented on Aisle Planner. We are dedicated to celebrating all love, always.