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Humanized Technology with Aisle Planner

Aisle Planner's VP of Sales & Marketing, Trevor Wessman-Lavelle, chats with Renée Sabo of The Confetti Hour Podcast
September 06, 2019

The Tools Behind the Tech: Aisle Planner's Favorite Software Solution

Trevor Wessman-Lavelle, VP of Marketing & Sales at Aisle Planner shares what the company’s favorite technology tools are
May 17, 2019

Female Founder Friday

An interview with female founder and wed tech entrepreneur, Christina Farrow of Aisle Planner
April 01, 2019

The Aisle Planner Story

From planning weddings to building tools for wedding pros, founder Christina Farrow shares the story behind Aisle Planner
March 14, 2019

Selling A Wedding Planning Business

6 Lessons For Selling A Wedding Planning Business From Christina Farrow
February 25, 2019

Plan Your Wedding Online with These Expert-Approved Programs

These apps and online platforms mean spreadsheet woes are a thing of the past
August 07, 2018

Inspiring Stories: Christina Farrow of Aisle Planner

Meet our founder, learn more about the Aisle Planner story & our mission to support small businesses in the wedding industry
April 19, 2018

Press Release

Aisle Planner Launches Global Vendor Directory to Connect Couples to Wedding Professionals
March 19, 2018

How 5 Companies Celebrate Success

Celebrating success can go a long way - Great ideas you can borrow for your own team
January 30, 2018

International Wedding Trend Report 2018

The latest and greatest trends that you’ll be seeing in the year ahead, with the help of some of the top wedding experts from around the world
January 05, 2018

15 Technology Trends You Can Expect to See Dominate 2018

Trend Alert: Weddings (and more) are heading to the cloud
December 02, 2017

Press Release

Wed-Tech Startup Aisle Planner Poised to Become the Next Major Player in the Wedding Industry
November 13, 2017

A Podcast for Wedding Pros

Creating Systems and Efficiencies in Your Wedding Business with Katherine Oyer and Tayler Hollman from Aisle Planner
September 07, 2017

Must-Have Technology and Tools for Wedding Planners

Technology solutions that any wedding planner should have in his or her arsenal
September 01, 2017

8 Productivity Tips From Work-At-Home Moms

With tips from powerhouse creative mamas, including our Director of PR Katherine Oyer
August 29, 2017

Creative at Heart: Round 7

Aisle Planner is the perfect solution for both wedding professionals and couples planning a wedding to find, keep, organize and share
August 24, 2017

Press Release

Aisle Planner Announces Online Payment Processing Tools to Ease Business Transactions for Canadian Wedding Professionals
August 16, 2017

Innovative Wed-Tech Solutions

Technology is revolutionizing the way business is done, and the wedding industry is no exception
June 24, 2017

The Celebration Issue

Stellar business tips and beautiful inspiration, with a focus on the wedding/event industry
June 01, 2017

Aisle Planner Partnership to Make Payment Process Easier

Aisle Planner announces the completion of its full suite of business tools, including payment processing & invoicing
May 01, 2017

Manage Your Planning Business with Aisle Planner

Aisle Planner took another giant step towards building and being the most powerful platform for wedding professionals
April 04, 2017

Revenue-Based Financing Offers High-Interest Option to Startups

Local tech startup Aisle Planner says revenue-based financing was their best option for growth
March 23, 2017

Press Release

Aisle Planner Announces Partnership with Stripe Connect, Launches Cloud-Based Payment Processing for Wedding Professionals
March 07, 2017

Streamlined Invoicing for Wedding Professionals

The team at Aisle Planner knows the importance of having a simple system put in place - one platform to run your business
March 06, 2017

Wedding Planning And Technology Make a Perfect Couple

An Aisle Planner Feature
February 02, 2017

‘Revenue-Based Funding’ to invest in wedding platform Aisle Planner

Seattle-based investment firm Lighter Capital announced it has invested in Aisle Planner, a San Diego-based startup
January 26, 2017

Press Release

San Diego Based Wed-Tech Startup Aisle Planner Closes First Round of Funding with Lighter Capital
January 25, 2017

Wedding Business Magazine Prioritizing Productivity

Staying on Task and on Track While Growing A Successful Planning Business with Aisle Planner's Founder
November 04, 2016

Press Release

Aisle Planner Releases Publishing Platform and Inspiration Site, Hires Chief Technology Officer
September 29, 2016

Disrupting ‘I Do’ Startups Transforming The Wedding Industry

The booming wedding industry has attracted dozens of mobile, e-commerce, and financial startups to the space
August 05, 2016

Press Release

Aisle Planner Expands from WedTech to Business Management SaaS Market
June 15, 2016

Hashtag Weddings and Instagram I Dos

Now that millennials are planning weddings, it’s no surprise that technology is influencing new traditions
May 06, 2016

Top Tech Apps for Event Pros

Better solutions and more effective ways to work through your day-to-day processes
April 14, 2016

Ask the Experts: Q&A with Aisle Planner

Super savvy online wedding-planning platform “Aisle Planner” has recently changed the game for wedding planners and engaged couples alike
January 22, 2016

Innovative WedTech for Flawless Wedding Planning

Aisle Planner is an online wedding planning tool to be used not only by a seasoned wedding planner but also by a #wedbiz newbie
December 14, 2015

Radio Recap: Wedding Tech

If technology has made our lives easier, more efficient, and more cost effective, what has it done for the wedding industry to help create that magical day?
August 19, 2015

Top 5 Wed-Apps Pivoting the Huge Wedding Industry

These "wed tech" startups are innovating in a seemingly tradition-bound, $300 billion industry
October 30, 2014

Evolve Your Wedding Business Podcast

Episode 28: From Planning Weddings To Building Tools For Wedding Planners with Christina & Rob Farrow
July 24, 2014

Aisle Planner’s New Platform is the Only Thing You’ll Need for Wedding Planning

Aisle Planner, the San Diego-based startup that hopes to increase collaboration in the wedding industry through its on-demand planning software
January 14, 2014

Death to Bridezilla: How Aisle Planner Is Improving Collaboration In The Wedding Industry

A successful and pleasant wedding planning experience really boils down to great collaboration between brides and their planners
October 13, 2013