With the Best Intention: Driving Business with Clear Vision & Objective

With the Best Intention: Driving Business with Clear Vision & Objective
April 01, 2019


We didn't start Aisle Planner on a whim. We had nearly 15 years of event production under our belts, each client and each project different from the next. During those years, my wife and Aisle Planner co-founder, Christina, focused on weddings while I centered on corporate, charity, entertainment and sporting events. We cut our life together out of a crazy, intertwined world of event dates, timelines, client relationships and community relations. What little down time we did have, we spent with our beloved work family, our brothers- and sisters-at-arms. The people we regularly shared some of the most hectic, most stressful yet proudest and celebrated moments with. As I'm sure you can relate, when you choose the events life, you're all in. All the time. Maintaining clear vision and intention can seem practically impossible.


A Strong Foundation

When the opportunity arose to sell the planning business, it meant that Christina could exit at the top of her game. She could take on the next chapter in her life with confidence.  The excitement of being able to start that new chapter with the experience, relationships and resources we now had was powerful. Surreal almost. We did struggle with it a bit at first. As the reality of the sale took hold, we began to lay down the vision for the next chapter of our lives and what would eventually become Aisle Planner.  We were frustrated with the fact that our industry, the wedding industry, was being driven in large part by outsiders who had little to no experience. Businesses and individuals alike who knew very little about the dynamics of planning. They didn't seem to care about you and I, the professionals who built it.

Focus is Your Foothold

At first, our mission was to build tools that gave planners and pros an easier way to work with clients. That changed quickly. It evolved into the design and development of a more complete platform that event professionals could use to organize their client and event information, and manage their events and projects. To give them the ability to customize it. To create the online space for collaboration with team members, vendor partners and their clients. From day one, we were driven by our intention to build an authentic, relevant brand. To provide meaningful, game-changing value to our customers. Our intention has given us a clarity in our pursuits as we work tirelessly to make sure everything we do supports our community and our company. As we began development of our first version, we worked with planners and pros from all over. We learned first hand their challenges, what they were using, what they liked and disliked. What they wished for and needed to make planning more efficient, to bring their customers joy and support the success of their businesses.

Keep Your Eyes on the (Most Important) Prizes

5 years, millions of lines of code, thousands of (wo)man hours and countless emails, texts, phone calls, missed birthdays, holidays, and one office dog (RIP Kula) later, here we are with one of the most robust business platforms in our space.  Even though our original vision for Aisle Planner has evolved, our intention has never wavered.  We'll continue to listen to and work with you to make the most intuitive and effective suite of tools to empower your business. We continue to provide a marketing and publishing platform to broadcast your creativity and industry intelligence to the world. We - meaning, all of us collectively - are only getting better, stronger and more powerful every day. Our journey with you continues with as much as excitement as the day we "flipped the switch." We'll continue to make improvements and enhancements. We'll remain nimble so we can evolve with you but we remain committed to our original intention. We remain committed to you. 


About the Author

Rob Farrow
Rob Farrow
Aisle Planner, CEO
Avid surfer, father, and husband, Rob Farrow is the charismatic CEO of Aisle Planner, focusing his efforts toward building a solid corporate foundation, defining the brand's DNA, and ensuring the creation of best-in-class software solutions for every event pro and for every event, every day, everywhere.