The Excitement of Change

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January 31, 2020

Change is an inevitable constant. Sometimes it nags at us. It's like the little 'check engine' light in our cars telling us we better go out of our way to take care of it or we won't be going anywhere soon. At other times, if we allow it to, change inspires and motivates us to face it head on. To look at change, in whatever form, as our next challenge to rise to, becomes an opportunity to show our peers, our business partners, our clients, and even ourselves what we're really capable of.

While technology lies at the heart of our business, we have to maintain a vigilant outlook for change beyond "the code." We don't simply build software tools. We work tirelessly to create an environment where you can run better businesses and work collaboratively with your clients and each other to deliver extraordinary events. We don't just provide a place where you can market your products and services and cross your fingers you get qualified leads. We've constructed a platform where your whole story, from the work you do to the expertise you've built through experience, can be shared and amplified to a global audience of both potential customers and professional peers. Change lies at the very heart of our "why" and gives cause to share a whole lot of exciting things that continue our momentum in the coming year.


Connection to your next clients, reimagined.

Over the past year, we began the process of rethinking the way consumers embark upon their planning journey and connect with you, the world’s most elite professionals, to bring their dream events to life. We knew the tools we'd given them weren't used the way we'd intended, so we removed them. We also realized we weren't able to deliver the clearest message of what we do and why—for our pros and their future customers—under the same brand banner. So, this week, we're quietly launching The Aisle Guide

The Aisle Guide
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Powered by Aisle Planner, The Aisle Guide is where weddings and special events consumers will spark their inspiration through thousands of stunning photos from your real weddings and styled shoots. They'll find invaluable insights and practical tips from your professional points of view. They'll be able to connect directly with you on your exquisitely designed and fully customizable listing in our Marketplace. And when they do, they'll be able to share their details and the vision they've built for their event with you, directly through Aisle Planner. 

By your own engagement with the marketing and publishing power built into your Aisle Planner account, The Aisle Guide will captivate your next clients by showcasing your best work, amplifying your expert voice, and building a seamless connection with you in a single, stylish, and intuitive experience.

Taking it to the streets, Aisle Planner style.

We get it. Technology can be scary. Even though we're touching it every day in some way, shape, or form, accepting the need to evolve and apply it across our personal or professional lives can feel a bit uncomfortable. Until we see how it positively affects how we live and work. It's just easier to resist and succumb to the old "If it ain't broke..." argument.

When it comes to Aisle Planner, it's not like our product offering has shrunk either! As it's grown to include more marketing, sales, and project management features, the challenge to provide the education behind every tool—let alone the support you need to get the absolute most out of our Power of One—has been just as daunting to us. Last year, we took a huge step toward addressing this need. In addition to expanding our team to focus on our connection and engagement with our pro community, we launched our very first education and networking event, The Aisle Planner Experience. Held in Las Vegas ahead of Wedding MBA, we partnered with three of our own AP pros to deliver practical advice and actionable ways to make our software work better for you. The response to this event was so overwhelmingly positive, we blindly committed to rolling AP|EX out as a series before we'd even boarded our flights back home.

APEX logo

We're beyond excited to announce the launch of The Aisle Planner Experience 2020, coming to a city near you! Designed by event pros, for event pros, The Aisle Planner Experience will inspire, inform, and encourage deeper engagement with Aisle Planner's full suite of marketing, sales, and project management tools. With our first stop in Boston, MA, April 6th – 7th, we've partnered with some of the industry's brightest minds in the Northeast to deliver a one-of-a-kind event focused on celebrating and fostering community, learning better business practices, and taking full advantage of the most powerful software platform built for the modern event professional. By attending AP|EX, we want to help you elevate your business through expert advice from your peers, insights behind the technology you use, and refreshing perspectives from across the industry. We're already deep in the process for our next events in the Midwest and Southeast to follow, as well as our return to Las Vegas in November. We'll be announcing those details soon.

Change is in the air. Every day. It sounds cliché, but the truth of the matter is, recognizing this simple fact on the regular gives us a great deal of power. It's the power to plan for our best futures personally and professionally, and the power to affect positive change for us as a tribe of passionate creatives who lie at the heart of this industry. The Aisle Planner train's a-movin', and we're look forward to sharing this amazing journey with all of you.


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Aisle Planner Editorial Team
Aisle Planner Editorial Team
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