8 Ways to Include LGBTQIA+ Pride Elements in a Wedding

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June 10, 2022

Marriage is about love, not gender, and we’re here to celebrate all love! Every day of the year we share and advocate for love in the LGBTQIA+ community. This Pride Month, we're sharing eight ways to infuse subtle or extravagant LGBTQIA+ wedding elements & decor to add a little extra pride to your client's wedding day! 

1. Fun Twist on Gendered Wedding Traditions

What better way to show love than for couples to make their own traditions! Wedding traditions and activities tend to be super gendered, so this is a nice nod to inclusivity. 

  • Wear an expressive dress instead of white 
  • Wear a colorful suit if that’s more your style
  • Address invites inclusively 
  • Have both partners walk down the aisle together 
  • Forgo the gendered wedding party 
  • Don’t force gendered/sex-pairings
  • Have flowers for everyone in the wedding party
  • The bouquet and garter toss can be for anyone or opt-out of doing it at all
Brides walking down aisle
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2. Rainbow Subtleties

The rainbow has historically represented the LGBTQ+ community. Here are some classic ways to include the rainbow subtly in a wedding:

  • Rainbows painted on the sides or bottoms of shoes
  • Rainbow cufflinks
  • Rainbow boutonnieres and bouquets
  • Rainbow cake and desserts
  • Rainbow cocktails
  • Rainbow favors
  • Rainbow socks and bowties
  • Rainbow flower arch and ceiling installments 
  • Rainbow smoke bombs 
Colorful table number
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3. Love Light-Up Signs

There’s something so precious about a light-up sign that says, "Love!" It glows with romance. With the struggles that many LGBTQ+ people face, this is a sweet touch to show that love conquers all. Despite it all, couples are being their authentic selves and marrying their person! Place light-up signs behind the sweetheart table or over the dessert bar to give them the attention they deserve.

Love Love Love Sign
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4. Color Palettes 

If couples want to be more intentional with their color palette, choose from these stunning color combos:

  • Bright Rainbow: For a bold cheerful aesthetic.
  • Pastel Rainbow: For a subtler elegant look.
  • Glowy Iridescence: A fun whimsical theme.
  • Purple: To Showcase power and solidarity.
  • Pink & Blue: To celebrate the trans community.

Don’t limit yourself to these color palettes, there are so many parts of the LGBTQ+ community that have flags and colors that represent them, so choose colors that speak to you and your partner. 

Rainbow Menu
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5. Eclectic Mismatched Furniture & Tablescapes

Flip tradition with furniture and tablescapes that don’t match perfectly. The idea that weddings are meant to look a specific way is antiquated. Show your personality by picking textured chairs in different colors that match your color palette. Pick colored glassware and alternate colors throughout tables. Some tables can have florals in one color, while others can have florals in other colors. Play around with shapes and heights. Just have fun!

Tablescape with different tables
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6. Inspirational Vows & Stationery 

Quotes are a lovely way to celebrate identity and love. Guests can connect with couples through language. Consider including important quotes in vows, stationery, and signs. 

Grooms Holding Vows
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7. Makeup

Makeup has always been a very constricted and gendered norm, but it’s for everyone! It’s a beautiful art form of self-expression. Marriers can go for a bold and colorful shadow and lip or a neutral base. Add cute hearts and sparkles and really do whatever makes them feel like themselves. Let your client's true self shine! A complimentary makeup look for the couple would be the most iconic!

Two brides looking in the mirror applying makeup
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8. Including Pronouns as Décor & Accessories

We’re so used to seeing Mr. and Mrs. in all things wedding, and there’s no reason why couples shouldn’t get to have this moment with their pronouns if they want to. Include pronouns in:

  • Signs
  • Stationery
  • Chairs
  • Jean or leather jackets
  • Shoes 
  • Bracelets
  • Pins
Brides cheersing in front of light up sign!
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Love is love. Wishing all couples love and prosperity!

Hero photo courtesy of Captured by Martina, Featured in Pride at the Pannikin Building


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