My Moody Valentine: Red Berry Bliss

Red Berry Bliss
February 04, 2021

This season deep red berry and other berry shades are in for February. Valentine's Day sets the whole mood for the official month of love, although every month is a love month for us. This February, berries are making a comeback! We can’t get enough of this lovely color trend. These beautiful and rich colors remind us of how it feels to fall in love, making for a sophisticated and romantic palette. Berry pairings are versatile and whimsical, so read on to learn how to achieve the ultimate berry bliss at any event!


Red Berry and Blushes 

red berry
Photo courtesy of Blue Lace Photography 

Runaway to a fairytale forest, have tea in a garden, and gracefully dance in a manor, cranberry red and blush are perfect for these occasions. Our Romantic Boho Elopement in the Redwoods inspiration can serve as a great color palette example. This classic pairing is the most reminiscent of Valentine’s Day but in all of the right ways! The deep red contrast with the light blush is aesthetically pleasing and such a sweet treat for all. To get this classic look go for a combination of elaborate and minimal. Create focal points of red and blush, such as: 

Backdrops and Aisle Runners: 
Design a swoon-worthy backdrop or wedding arch to be the centerpiece for your event. Get a matching aisle runner for carpets to place in front of the sweetheart table or lavish couches for lounging. Cascading red and blush florals make the perfect picturesque scene, while minimal greenery and white touches will balance out the large focal points. 

There’s nothing sweeter than red and blush stationery. Think back to Valentine’s Day grams and cards in grade school. They were special for a reason! Except this is so much more elevated. Couples, clients, and guests will be transported back with this traditional color scheme and always remember the event fondly. 

Berry Taste

red berry
Photo courtesy of Gagewood

Let these images from this Soft & Moody Lake Tahoe Wedding Inspiration guide you into delicious berry bliss. Not only do berry colors look gorgeous, but they’re also the most enticing and delectable colors! So don’t stop with the color, bring it into the cuisine, and incorporate actual berries. This will marry the two senses for the most cohesive experience. From berry salads, appetizers, salsas, main dishes, fruit tarts, cobblers, and many other delicious desserts and pastries, here’s some berry great inspiration that will get your mouth watering: 100 Fresh Berry Recipes and some Berry Drink Cocktails that will hit just right. 

Deep Red Berry Mood

red berry
Photo courtesy of Heather Kincaid

Berry shades can definitely be a moody bunch. For a hint of elegance, combine darker berry colors, like deep purples, crimsons, dark blues, and blacks, this Colorful Modern Multicultural Wedding truly captures gorgeous inspiration for a deeper color palette. This colorful inspiration is ideal for February and Fall events. This palette looks divine on camera and good on all skin tones! Opt for using these colors on:

Bridal/Event Attire:
Berries not only taste amazing, but they also look amazing on all people. There’s a berry color for everyone. That’s why we suggest a myriad of berry colors for attire. Use different shades of berry for bridesmaid dresses and groomsmen suits/accessories. They compliment each other so well that you won’t have to worry about it being too much. 

This also goes for tablescapes. Tablecloths in lighter berry colors with darker berry cloth napkins, candlesticks, glasses, and touches of gold accents will look magical.

Berry and Jewel Tones 

red berry
Photo courtesy of Shab&Coop Photography

Talk about royal and ecstatic this Elegant Emerald Wedding Destination is a great demonstration of how to dress up the dramatics of berry tones. This powerful berry color combo is the most fun pairing. Berry bliss and jewel tones are everything we didn’t know we needed. Emerald and berry are captivating and striking. These colors make a statement and can highlight cultural significance as they have several meanings throughout the world. They send a message of life and vibrancy so they perform best as florals and accent details. 

Floral bouquets: 
A mixture of bright berry florals wrapped in emerald chiffon is a dream bouquet and centerpiece. The more florals, the merrier whimsy of this palette.

Use these florals as decor pieces accented by jewel tones. Hanging from the ceilings, petals trailing under gowns, on the cake and pastries, as lapels, hair accessories, etc. Always, pair with a trim of jewel tones to make them pop.


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