Season of Color: Tips on Picking a Colorful Wedding Dress

Pink wedding dress
February 14, 2022

Weddings have changed so much throughout the years, with couples throwing outdated traditions to the wayside in order to have a truly personalized event. One rule that brides are ditching in growing numbers is wearing white on their wedding day. Instead, they're opting for colors and prints that express their personal taste and style—and will "wow" their guests as they walk down the aisle. 

“We see the happiest brides are the ones who choose to wear what suits their choice of the wedding location and what makes them feel beautiful,” explains Sarah Kelly of Simply Eloped. “So we are seeing a lot of color and print happening. Gorgeous colorful and floral are all in right now.” Need some guidance? Read on for tips on finding the perfect colorful wedding dress!


Go Seasonal

Your wedding season is a great starting point when choosing a color. “Spring and summer tend to lend itself to lighter pastels and soft colors such as pinks, blues, and yellows, whereas fall and winter events tend to go towards deep and rich hues such as black, gray, or navy,” says Maggie Lord, VP and Head of Strategic Partnerships at David's Bridal, and the founder of Rustic Wedding Chic.

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Consider the Time of Day

In addition to the season, you should also take the time of day of your wedding into consideration, says Lauren Field of Lauren Field Design. “For example, spring weddings with an earlier start time and outdoor components lend themselves to lighter feminine toned gowns that may include floral prints,” she explains. “Summer weddings tend to have brighter décor that pairs well with bolder gown selections, while fall and winter weddings have a day to night aspect where deep neutral-toned or shimmery gowns embody the season.”

Bright wedding gowns
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Find Holiday Inspiration

If you’re saying I do around a holiday you can use it to inspire your wedding gown. A dramatic red or subtle blush would look amazing for vows on or around Valentine’s Day, while emerald green, deep wine, or light blue would be simply stunning for a Christmas-time event.

Pink and red gowns
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Look at the Venue

Where you're going to tie the knot is just as important as when. If your venue is a blank slate, you can build the variety of your palette from the ground up, but if your venue already has color or pattern in the spaces, it is important to select a gown that complements the existing ambiance, notes Field.

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Think About the Bridesmaids

When adding color to your wedding dress, think about what your bridesmaids are wearing and how their dresses will complement yours, suggests Lord. You might also want to talk to your photographer about how certain colors will photograph in your location.

Blue gowns
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Try Subtle

You can have a colorful dress and still look like a traditional bride (if that’s your goal). Simply choose a subtle color like champagne, rose gold, or gray. They’re all classic colors that offer that wow factor without being over-the-top.

Subtle neutral gowns
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Choose What Makes You Confident

It’s so important to feel as good as you look, especially on your wedding day. When it comes to choosing a color for your dress, you simply can’t go wrong by selecting a hue that makes you feel beautiful. “Explore color families that you gravitate towards or wear regularly and feel confident, comfortable, and beautiful in,” says Lord.

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