Tips for Planning a Cottagecore Wedding

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July 13, 2021

Each year brings a fresh crop of trends that dominate the wedding market, and 2021 is all about Cottagecore. This popular aesthetic became popular with Gen Z last year, reaching a peak during the pandemic as people hunkered down at home and started to enjoy the simpler things in life. As a result, Cottagecore found its place in both fashion and interior design—and now couples are also using its style elements to create their dream wedding day.

What is Cottagecore?

Also known as Farmcore and Countrycore, Cottagecore centers around enjoying a simpler—and more sustainable—way of life, with an emphasis on celebrating your natural surroundings. When envisioning the Cottagecore aesthetic, think of the lush gardens of the English countryside, a small brook surrounded by trees, or the open fields of a local farm. With that in mind, wildflowers, overflowing greenery, Earth tones, and rustic touches take center stage when planning with this theme.

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The Venue

Cottagecore is the perfect theme for couples getting married outdoors because you can use the natural surroundings as a guide for the overall décor. A local arboretum, farm, or barn would be a perfect locale, but you can also pull off the aesthetic in a quiant backyard. And if your clients want to get married indoors, don’t worry, you can simply find ways to bring Cottagecore elements inside through the use of fresh flowers, dried herbs, potted plants, etc.

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The Décor

Start with a neutral base by selecting earth tone colors for the overall wedding day décor. Some combos we love include gray, mocha, and lavender; dusty rose, blush, and brown; orange-red, brown, and cream; and grey, moss green, and brown.

Then, let the florals and greenery be the pops of color that really add the wow factor to the venue’s look. Stay away from structured bouquets and centerpieces, and opt for wildflowers, arches, wreaths, and potted plants instead. Vintage touches, such as mismatched place settings and chairs, candlesticks, trunks, books, or even bar carts, can add some whimsy to the venue.

You can then finish off the look with just the right lighting: candles at guest tables, hanging lanterns, and strings of white, twinkling lights around the location.

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The Fashion

When your clients are shopping for a Cottagecore wedding dress, words that couples will want to keep in mind are–romantic and ethereal. Billowing fabric, Bishop sleeves, and ruffled skirts, as well as Chantilly lace and floral embroidery, all work beautifully for this trend. Keep accessories to a minimum and complete the look with loose waves or a simple chignon (a veil is optional). Cottagecore style also includes gray, blue, or brown suits accompanied by suspenders and a floral tie. 

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The Food

Ask the caterers to create a menu focused on food from local sources. If you want to get creative, partner with a variety of food trucks from the area so guests can sample different cuisines. Then indulge everyone’s sweet tooth with a naked wedding cake. 

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The Favors

Any favors handed out to guests should be items that can actually be used and enjoyed. Mini succulents, homemade soaps, locally sourced honey, or a satchel of plant seeds are all good options.

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