60 Minutes to Set-up Your Aisle Planner Account

60 Minutes to Set-up Your Aisle Planner Account
May 26, 2016

Ready to dive into your new Aisle Planner account but have questions on where to start? We know that getting started can sometimes  be the hardest part, but we don't ever want you to feel like you are going at it alone! So today we are going to walk you through how to set up your new Aisle Planner account in 6 easy steps!

Aisle Planner 60 Minutes to Set Up Your Account

Update Business Information and User Settings

First things first, you'll want to update your business information and set your default currency, date, and time formatting. To do this, you'll click on Business Info that you see in the top right corner of your Planner Dashboard.

Next, upload your headshot into your user profile; your picture will appear in all of your comments in our collaboration tools. To do this, click on your name in the top right corner of the screen and then User Settings. You'll simply browse for whatever image you want to upload from there.

Activate the Sample Wedding

When you first create your Aisle Planner account, the only wedding you will see on your Planner Dashboard is Bethany and Will - our Sample Wedding. You should take a few minutes to explore through this sample wedding to get a feel for everything you can manage with our wedding planning tools. Simply click on the wedding (you'll see some spinning action as it loads the information) and explore!

Note: The sample wedding does not count towards your plan limit, so no need to worry!

Aisle Planner 60 Minutes to Set Up Your Account

Add Your Team Members

If you aren't a planning party of 1 and have team members working with you, the next thing you'll want to do is add them into your account as members under your organization. To do this, click on Manage Users in the top right hand corner of your Planner Dashboard. Then click on Invite Member and enter in their email, first, and last names.

Once you've done that, no need to wait for them for them to create a password, you can immediately give them access to the Sample Wedding. Grant them access by clicking on the dropdown arrow next to Weddings (that appears under their name) and put a checkmark next to Bethany and Will.

Aisle Planner 60 Minutes to Set Up Your Account

Brand Your Account

Every planner using Aisle Planner has the ability to brand their account as their own. What does that mean? By uploading your logo into our Branding Center, all of the emails, notifications, and log in links that come from Aisle Planner are branded with the look and feel of your brand; not ours.

Brand your Aisle Planner account by clicking on the Branding tab in your menu bar. Once in the Branding Center, start by customizing your log in link and uploading your logo. Then, pop on over to the Print and Email tabs to customize your print and email options. When you click on the Print tab you can customize the headers and footers (by clicking in the layout boxes on the top and bottom of the page), adjust the margins, and resize your logo (we suggest setting the width to be "2" so you can fit more on the pages that you download/print out of Aisle Planner). Next, visit the Email tab and customize the two bottom lines of text to include your company name, website, and/or name, phone.

Aisle Planner 60 Minutes to Set Up Your Account

Add a Few Vendors

Your network of vendor partners is an important piece of your business, so we suggest taking the time to add or upload a few of your favorites into the Contacts Library to start.

Click on Contacts in your Planner Dashboard menu and start by creating your categories. Then you can add a couple vendors in manually. You can include as much detail as you want in the "Client Notes" and "Payment Notes" section of the vendor record, which can be helpful for conveying pricing, general guidelines, terms, etc.

Note: If you manually enter vendors within a wedding, they will not sync back up the the Contacts Library, so it's easiest to add them just once into your Contacts Library.

Explore Our Templates

Wedding templates are a great way to streamline and document your workflow and we definitely recommend fully customizing templates for your business, but to start, you should explore the Aisle Planner Default Template.  To view the Default Template, click Templates in your Planner Dashboard menu, click "Wedding Templates" and then click +Copy. This will duplicate the Aisle Planner Default Template so that you can explore and play around with its capabilities. Learn more about customizing your wedding templates here!  

As always, if you have any questions along the way you can refer to our Community Support Center, our webinar archives or email us at customercare@aisleplanner.com.  


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