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July 06, 2021

When it comes to your brand, you should be shooting for the stars. Your brand should be an authentic reflection of your passion, your story, and your “why.” That’s why the Aisle Planner all-in-one suite of tools is built to empower and enable you to build beautiful brand consistency from the inside out. From your client login, documents, invoices, downloads, and email communication, your couples will have a seamless and fully branded experience throughout the entire planning process. We’ll walk you through every branding feature in AP!

Your Brand at the Forefront

It’s important to us that your brand is front and center, not ours. As you customize all of the AP tools, you’ll notice the client-facing product will showcase your brand. Our name doesn’t show up on any of your materials on the front end so that your clients experience the brand that you have worked so hard to build. Your clients will get a personalized experience interacting with your brand and you’ll establish strong brand memorability, meaning more referrals and clients! 


First things first, if you want to establish a cohesive brand, if you are in a time of transition, or if you’re looking to reinvent yourself, read How to Personalize Your Brand so you can figure out your voice and what message you want to send to the world. Learn about: 

  • Brand Purpose: Why are you passionate about your work?
  • Brand Positioning: What makes you unique in a marketplace?
  • Brand Promise: What value are you offering your clients?
  • Brand Personality: Are you a luxury brand, playful, calming, or organic?
  • Brand Expression: What do your logo, website, and collateral say about your brand?

Your perspective is unique to you, instead of blending in, stand out! The Branding Center built directly in the “Settings” tab in your Aisle Planner Dashboard, will help you customize all aspects of your management process. You can personalize your: 

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When you upload your logo, we’ll automatically upload it to all of the tabs in your Branding Center. You have the flexibility to upload different versions of your logo to each of the areas in your Branding Center and to each type of document. Check out Setting Up Your Custom Branding to watch a video tutorial on the basics and logo resizing.  

Digital Documents & Printed Materials 

Give your clients a seamless online experience. You have a full arsenal of virtual documents to share with your clients that they can access on any platform or device. We know that sometimes couples want tangible documents to look at, so that's why we gave you the ability to brand any documents you might find yourself downloading and printing. You have the ability to brand all of the following documents:

  • Timelines
  • Checklists
  • Notes
  • Templates 
  • Invoices
  • Quotes
  • Contracts
  • Brochures
  • Questionaires 
  • Proposals 
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Email Branding 

Enhance your client experience from the moment you invite them into their wedding on Aisle Planner with branded email designs that are completely custom to your business. Build an unquestionable trust with your clients when you brand your email notifications. Your clients and planning partners will always know it's you when they see a notification in their inbox.

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