Controlling Client Expectations: Show Them You're the Expert

Controlling Client Expectations: Show Them You're The Expert
September 05, 2019
There are a few things in life that we have full control over. There are certainly aspects of your role as a wedding professional that seem out of your reach, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how much control you have over your client’s expectations. When we think of expectations, we don’t think that they can be structured and created. Instead we assume that each individual/ couple will come in with their own set of expectations—which is true to a certain extent. You, as the professional, have the power and ability to shape your client’s expectations. You hold the key that will veer your couple’s ideas for their big day. Expectations breed disappointment when they’re not fulfilled. But, lucky for you, Aisle Planner gives you every tool necessary to ensure that your clients are setting reasonable and attainable expectations. This will result in happy clients and more referrals!


Contractual Expectations

Before you even start working with your client, ensure that you communicate what your services do and don’t entail. It would be wise for you to write out all of these obligations in your contract so you’re all on the same page. You can always refer back to the contract if any issues arise. Be as detailed as possible. This way your clients know what to expect from you before they even begin to work with you. Include everything from your work hours to your specific day-off duties. Throughout the process, kindly and professionally remind them what your role is and what you have to offer. This transparency and open communication shows your clients that you are doing everything you are able to do to assist them.

AP Budget Tool

As much as we would like to do everything that will make our clients happy, the reality of the matter is that we simply can’t do it all. Without boundaries and direct limitations, there is sure to be trouble in paradise. Getting married and planning a wedding is a very stressful process; the financial aspect being one of the biggest stressors. Anticipate this by outlining what your client’s budget is and what your budget is. Period. This is an absolute must right from the start. Ground their aspirations by showing them what options they have within their budget, that way you don’t have to burst their bubble when they’re looking to host more people than their afforded venue can hold. The AP budget tool is perfect for setting expectations. It’s easy to use and tracks expenses, showing clients what has already been paid and what is still due. As an expert in the wedding industry, you have experienced it all and know the best solutions for staying on budget while still fulfilling a couple’s vision.

AP Design Studio and Layouts

Being a wedding pro in 2019 can be rough! There are an abundance of platforms that make engaged couples ecstatic with possibilities. Pinterest is one of the sole proprietors for setting high expectations for wedding aesthetic. Although it’s nice for inspiration, it can be unorganized and forever remain a pretty picture, without the possibility of it being a reality. The AP Design Studio is everything! It takes all of those aspects from other platforms and creates a space where clients can visualize their wedding in a very real and manageable way. You can set and monitor their dream aesthetic while sticking to their preferred color palette. You're able to show your creativity and they can personalize however they see fit, all under your guidance. You can also make the best of the Layout Tools by exploring and designing multiple layout options. You also have the ability to reorder and customize the Guest List with AP. The combination of all of these tools can assist you in shaping your clients expectations and overall experience.

The most wonderful thing about using the AP Design Studio, Layouts, and the AP Budget tool is that you can provide a vendor list that can actually achieve the things your clients want. Budget friendly and visually appealing, these tools make the social media dreams attainable and tangible. You control the pace and the narrative!


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