Creative Ways to Use Our New Document Editor

Creative Ways to Use Our New Document Editor
June 28, 2017

Aisle Planner Creative Ways to Use the New Document Editor

One of the most important philosophies here at APHQ is “Your brand. Not ours.” And, the new Document Editor helps take this core value to the next level! So today, we wanted to talk about a creative ways to use the new Document Editor that will help you grow your brand, communicate more effectively, and book more ideal clients!

Aisle Planner Creative Ways to Use the New Document Editor

Add Custom Headers To Notes

You know that creating a consistent brand experience is important (lord knows you’ve invested enough in your logo, headshots, and website!) and we know that each document you send to your potential or booked clients is part of that experience.

So, whether you create a graphic or image based header in a program like Photoshop or simply modify the background color and add text, your notes can lead in with a visual that adds to the brand experience you are working to perfect.

Pro Tip: Consider adding custom headers to Notes Templates like city guides, marriage license information, and ceremony rehearsal guides.

Aisle Planner Creative Ways to Use the New Document Editor

A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

It takes a fraction of the time to communicate something through images as opposed to words. And, now that images in documents are a reality (we are still pinching ourselves), everything you create is a powerful communication tool.

Adding images to your brochures and proposals not only makes it easy to communicate your style, brand, and services but it turns them into high-value sales tools as well! Take the time and edit your documents to speak to your ideal client and you can rest assured that you have taken advantage of every opportunity to make your business and services stand out.

And, on that same note, consider using images to communicate certain things in stead of words (think ceremony guides, packing lists). Doing so not only makes certain things easier to understand but it makes it more fun to look at too!

Pro Tip: Update and customize your templates using the new Document Editor so that you can easily create and update things for new clients!

Aisle Planner Creative Ways to Use the New Document Editor

Include Personal Touches

We know we’re preaching to the choir on this one but it’s always important to pay attention to the details.  So, you can use the new Document Editor to add personal touches like your signature at the end of proposals or welcome notes.
Pro Tip: You can add your “signature” by simply selecting a script font to write you name in or you can capture it using a program like Illustrator and inserting the image file.

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