Feature Enhancement: Automatic Checklist Due Date Updates

May 11, 2020

The value of time, for ourselves and for our businesses, has become exponentially more important with the havoc created across our industry by the current pandemic. As of early April, it was reported that up to 52% of all weddings and special events were forced to postpone or reschedule, and we know that number is considerably higher today. Service and support to our community lies at the heart of our business here at Aisle Planner, so that’s why this new update could not have come at a better time, when we know the value of your time is at its highest.

Now, when you change an event or project date in the project settings, you have the option to automatically adjust every due date, for every item, on the project checklist! Once you make the date change, you’ll be prompted to choose whether you’d like the project’s checklist and due date reminders to be updated, or if you’d rather make those updates manually. With one click, your checklist will update with new dates based on your new event date. Less time, well spent!

Changing the project date

If you have any additional questions on our Checklist feature, please visit these articles on changing event dates, setting due dates and reminders, and updating due dates in our Help Center. Or, reach out to our Customer Support team in-app via the messenger, or by email at customerservice@aisleplanner.com.


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