Feature Spotlight: The Benefits of Aisle Planner Questionnaires

Feature Spotlight: The Benefits of Aisle Planner Questionnaires
August 22, 2019
Here at Aisle Planner, we are always trying to innovate and make your experience as a pro the best it can be, so you can make your couples’ wedding experience the best it can be! With the fairly new questionnaire feature, you can create questions and store all responses in one place, efficiently and effectively gathering all of the information you need. You'll definitely want to familiarize yourself with this feature, as it can serve as a very beneficial tool that can enhance your planning process as a whole.


One Stop

As wedding professionals, we must collect and document the stages of planning. But, we must also fulfill our client’s expectations through our means of communication and procedure. There are other platforms, like google forms, that can be used as questionnaires. The helpful and extraordinary thing about Aisle Planner though, is that you can keep all of your information in one place! Unlike a google form, there is no need to find a place to store and transfer all of your content and data once your clients send their responses.

With Aisle Planner, you can create your questions and store the responses. It’s a one stop shop for your documents, brochures, proposals, contracts, and now, questionnaires. You’ll find that using the full suite of tools available through Aisle Planner can make your job as seamless as possible. No need to switch between platforms when you can use tools that are all interconnected and easily accessible for you and your clients.


One of the biggest advantages of questionnaires is that they can reach a wide audience. Aisle Planner’s questionnaire tool allows you to send your questions to multiple people at once. This is a time efficient and an effective way to gather all of the information you need.

You can get started on your first questionnaire template by clicking on the settings menu at the top right corner of your Pro Dashboard.

For the rest of the step-by-step guide on how to make a questionnaire, check out our Creating Questionnaire Templates article.


The strongest highlight to any tool is the flexibility for personalization. Every couple is different so you must cater your questions and format to meet your purpose and the couple’s needs. The questionnaire tool allows you to add content blocks. This includes text blocks with introductions, image blocks for an added visual aesthetic, and page breaks for question organization.

Add an introduction:

Add a visual:

There are also options for various question types so you can choose what kinds of questions will be the most appropriate. From short answer, drop down questions, multiple choice, to text-boxes for longer answers; this tool allows you to collect information in a quick and easy way. There are several customization features for headings and the body of your template. You can develop a questionnaire that is uniquely yours and serves your purpose.

In regards to tracking, there is a feature set up to send you an in-app notification and an emailed notification once your clients have submitted responses. You can also find them by directly clicking the questionnaire form.

And, don't worry! Your templates are a work in progress. You are always able to go back and edit your questionnaires and your clients can also edit their responses. We highly recommend exploring this tool and seeing how you and your clients can benefit from its user-friendly navigation and versatility.


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