Feature Spotlight: Email Templates

Feature Spotlight: Email Templates
September 18, 2019

As a wedding professional, the narrative is yours. You are the gate keeper. You are the inventor of the process and tone of communication between yourself and your clients. Communication. That’s our bread and butter. Poor communication can make or break the whole planning experience and planning requires us to use multiple documents and forms of communication. One of the easiest and most commonly used forms of communication is email. But, emails can be time consuming and require a lot of mental energy. Read on to learn how Aisle Planner's Email Templates tool can benefit you and your business.


Each time you have a new couple, you may find yourself having to create new documents or referencing back to old emails to see how you handled a similar situation. Aisle Planner is here to support you with an Email Template tool that will ease your mind and open your schedule. Having ready-made templates smoothes the planning process, guarantees document consistency, and saves you time and future stress. Save your future self by having a reliable beginning and create a template for all of your email needs! Your time is valuable, and you know what’s best. That’s the leading benefit to having templates for all of your professional wedding processes. A template is a skeleton; a core foundation that you can build on as you cater to your couples. Starting from ground zero is counterproductive and we're all about efficiency. It’s your responsibility to manage communication and make it as seamless as possible. Don’t wait for your clients to have questions so you can answer them. If you have templates in place, you can control the conversation. You'll get the information you need and that your clients need before it becomes an urgent matter or a problem. You’ll be ahead of the game and your clients will be so impressed! Interested? Create your own email templates by visiting your Pro Dashboard and clicking on the Settings menu, on the right-hand side.


Step 1:

Click on the Templates tab, located at the top of the page. Then, click the Email option in the left-hand column.


Step 2.

Select the gold Add New button.


Step 3:

Choose your template from the drop-down menu.


One glove does not fit all. Your clients are diverse and each have unique needs. The language used with heterosexual couples may be different than the inclusive language used with your LGBTQ couples. Language is important. And, with the Aisle Planner Email Template tool, you can choose the type of template that you want to create. You don’t have to worry about a template being impersonal because you have the ability to edit several types. Choose from: lead auto responder, brochure, proposal, contract, questionnaire, invoice, quote, and studio share.

Pro Tip: You can find the rest of the step by step template instructions by visiting our “Intro to Email Templates” article in the Help Center.

Another great plus to having email templates through Aisle Planner is that you can store all of your emails in one place. That way your communication will be organized and easy to find. You can personalize the merge field to categorize your emails and make your information accessible. You can also begin to use your email templates as soon as you’re done making them. You'll always have the option to edit them later as you see fit. With just a couple of clicks, you can send a beautifully formatted and personalized email to your clients. That's how you control the narrative that your couples will love and appreciate. It’s a win-win for everyone!

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