A Fresh Take on Using Aisle Planner: Part 3

A Fresh Take on Using Aisle Planner: Part 3
January 06, 2020

As the new year is fast approaching, it's a perfect time to reassess your business and remember why you started doing what you do. It'll soon be a new decade for you to start fresh and build from your “why.” Focusing on the roots that have grown your passion will serve as an ideal foundation for all of the fantastic work that you'll accomplish this next decade. We want to be a part of your journey and support you every step of the way!

In the third and final part of the three-part article series we'll be giving you some quick and digestible tips on new ways to use the Project Management, Guest Management, and creative tools in your business. Let’s jump right in.


Project Management

With checklists and timelines, this AP feature makes it easier for you to streamline your process and increase collaboration. Learn the basics by reviewing An Introduction to Project Management Tools. It'll soon be one of your favorite suite of tools!

Checklist 1

  1. Anticipate needs and show them you’re an expert by providing your couples with answers to the questions you hear time and time again.
    • Are there questions that each and every one of your couples ask? You know, the ones where they're basically turning to you to make the decision for them? If you have “standard” responses or advice that you give to your couples based on your expertise, consider adding it to the relevant checklist items to save yourself the extra email!


Checklist item: How to get a marriage license.

  • Detail: Information on getting a marriage license in your area and what they need to do to prepare for it, how do they get it, and what do they do with it afterwards.

Checklist item: Talk about wedding insurance and determine whether or not your couples would like to purchase it.

  • Detail: General information on what wedding insurance is, why your couple should consider it, what the general cost is, and a link to a few websites where they can purchase wedding insurance.

Checklist 2

  1. Further customize your project templates with specific information in the details of checklist tasks to really show your expertise. Learn more about The Benefits of Customizing Your Checklist with Checklist Details.
  2. You can also customize your checklist template to include planner only (internal) tasks. Find detailed instructions in this article: Using the Checklist to Drive Your Workflow.
  3. Planner Only Visibility allows you to set specific Notes, Checklist Items, and Style Guides as private and visible only to you and your team. This tool is helpful if you’re still fine tuning the content or keeping internal notes private. Having the ability to mark these things as Read Only (Client Editing Locked) will keep you in creative control of certain things you’ve worked hard to perfect.



Our timeline feature fosters creativity and furthers our goal of improving collaboration while shaving off hours from your already busy workday.

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Guest Management

First impressions are everything. With the Guest Management Tool you can ensure that communication is the best it can be to set the best impression on your couple and their guests. Along with communication is aesthetic. How can you use this tool to enhance your layouts?

Layouts & Seating

The layout tool isn’t just for your layouts and seating! You can also use this tool to create beautiful tablescapes to communicate the vision and set expectations!

Layouts and Seating


Design Studio

Keep your vendor team(s) in the loop! You can do this by guiding your client/vendor expectations. Your clients and vendors will be happy to see all of the creative progress!

Create a Style Guide with detailed information on the couple (and set it to Planner Only visibility) so they know more about the couple. It can be very beneficial and helpful for your vendor team(s) to know everything about the couple that you think is necessary. Where did they meet? Get engaged? Add a picture to the Style Guide and drop in a comment with their story or details you want to communicate about them. Favorite colors? Do they have a dog? What’s their dog’s name? This information seems small but can go a long way when helping foster the connection between your vendors and the couple.

No wedding ever got planned without some serious collaboration! From collaborating with clients to vendors, planning partners and team members, there are countless conversations that take place during the wedding planning process. We have some wonderful collaborating tools to get you started!


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