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June 19, 2021

Helping you get the right information from your clients has always been a priority of ours. With an enhanced or premium Marketplace Listing in The Aisle Guide, you can create custom contact forms to request information that is specific to your business and is important to you! With customization at your fingertips, you can custom style your lead contact forms with colors and fonts to match your brand. Read more about the ins and outs of customizing your contact forms so you can improve your workflow and book more clients!

Set Up Your Contact Form 

Information is power. Having what you need to engage your leads is crucial. If you haven’t already, you’ll want to Set Up Your Contact Form. It’s an easy 5 Steps that will get you on track to having an automated process. 

  1. Configure your lead settings
  2. Set up your custom fields
  3. Set up your contact form
  4. Publish your lead contact form
  5. Link or embed your contact form into your website 

Lead Contact Forms

Check in and refine your process. Aisle Planner’s Lead Contact Forms are fully customizable, so you can ask the questions that matter to you, your unique business, and your needs.

Create custom contact forms to embed in or link from your website, blog, Aisle Planner Marketplace Listing, or anyplace you choose to market your services. Leads that come in through any of your contact forms are automatically added to your Lead Manager. Create a Custom Contact Form to get started! 

When a new inquiry is submitted, you’ll receive an email with all the details. This way, you know whether each lead is one you want to respond to quickly (big budget, full service prospect) or if there’s no rush (small budget, full service prospect). If the inquiry includes a message, it will be documented in the general note area of a lead record.

Custom Style Your Contact Form

You can customize your contact forms to complement your website with Custom Styling. You have the option to create as many custom forms as you’d like. They can each be tailored to specific couples, events, and demographics. 

Choose from a list of fonts, change the label font size of your headers, and the colors of your fonts, customize the submit button, and background colors via the color picker, RGB values, or your unique hex code. You can see the edits instantly and reset and start over whenever you'd like. Your forms will be brand ready in no time!


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