How to Become an Aisle Planner Power User

How to Become an Aisle Planner Power User
May 25, 2017

You’ve mastered customizing checklists, assign tasks in the blink of an eye, and build day-of timelines in your sleep so, it looks like you’re on the road to becoming an Aisle Planner power user! And today, we are going talk about the ways to can elevate your AP game from jack of all trades to master of Every. Single. One.

Aisle Planner Power User

Create a Business Project

Your weddings and events are executed easier than ever now that you have everything documented in Aisle Planner so, why not do the same for your business? Use the same tools that helped you streamline your planning process to streamline your business. Create a business project and use:

  • The Checklist to organize your content calendar, your tax schedule, as well as any administrative tasks that have traditionally ended up written down on a random notepad somewhere. Then, assign yourself (or whatever team member is responsible) tasks so you get automatic reminders when business tasks are coming due
  • The Design Studio to organize your headshots, team bios, brand mood boards, and logo files
  • Notes to keep track of any press coverage, your marketing outline, and client referrals

Aisle Planner Power User

Use Project Templates

You’ve created templates for your proposals, contracts, timelines, and notes, but have you created Project Templates yet? Creating Project Templates is a huge timesaver since they include both a Checklist and Budget template. And, since you can include your workflow in the Checklist for each type of event, they continually save you time by keeping you organized.

You can create Project Templates for things like:

  • Full Service Planning
  • Month-of Planning
  • Corporate Events
  • Photoshoots
Pro Tip: When you customize your Budget Template, leave notes about things like your favorite vendors in that category, tipping amounts or answers to questions that people usually have regarding specific line items. You can do this by clicking on the comment bubble in template and people will see when they hover over it.

Aisle Planner Power User

Get Creative With Style Guides

There are endless ways that you can use the Style Guides in the Aisle Planner Design Studio. And, whether you create Style Guides for general ones for inspiration or specific ones with the actual items you are using or ordering, did you know that you can send them to vendor partners or clients via a shareable link? (Like this gorgeous one from Savannah Kilpatrick!)

Send your clients and vendor partners beautiful design briefs to make sure that everyone has a crystal clear picture of the overall vision (and design details) for the event. Plus, you can easily customize the Style Guides and Notes in the shareable link so that people are only seeing what they need to. Creating one is easy! Simply:

  1. Click on the share icon in the upper right hand corner of your screen
  2. Select any color palettes you want to include
  3. Choose which style guides you want to include (whether it is one or many)
  4. Attach any notes you want to include
  5. Select Send Email with Share Link
Pro Tip: Include any relevant Notes and color palettes when selecting what to include in your shareable link to create documents that include all of the details – not just pictures.

Need a few more ideas on ways you can utilize Style Guides like a power user? Grab a few from our Founder, Christina Farrow, here!


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