How Caterers Can Get the Most Out of Aisle Planner

How Caterers Can Get the Most Out of Aisle Planner
September 18, 2020

Delicious food is the central gift to humanity and all celebrations. Special dishes bring us together and provide us with unforgettable memories. You bring a smile to people’s faces with your refined flavors on their most important days. Your clients have unique tastes and you have unique needs as a catering company. Aisle Planner is designed by event pros, for event pros. We understand the perspective and technology needs that are unique to your line of work. That’s why Aisle Planner is designed with everyone in the industry in mind and with every aspect of the job in mind. From sales, marketing, project management, advertising, and booking, our fully customizable features cover every detail—all in one place. Like a recipe, we know that every ingredient counts. Similarly, every tool makes a difference in your experience and your clients’. Strengthen your food narrative with us! Ready to get started? 


Connection & Exposure

We believe connection is the foundation of Aisle Planner, connecting you with clients and other vendors. We created a platform to celebrate your work and facilitate open collaboration. This kind of accessibility and growth is a necessary part of any business, so in addition to our suite of tools, we give you a platform:

  • To get published with Real Weddings and Styled Shoots so your culinary artistry can reach more eyes and mouths. 
  • To share expert advice with a global audience. 
  • To communicate with your clients effortlessly as every tool is client friendly!  


Nameless Catering

Organizational Tools 

Aisle Planner has the most powerful, complete, and seamlessly integrated suite of tools.

Whether you're serving a wine and cheese tasting for 10, an elopement celebration for 50, or a plated gala for 1,000, Aisle Planner's project management tools give you the ability to centralize your communications, collaborate and coordinate with your team, your partners, and your clients, and keep every detail neatly organized in one place.

  • Build precise Timelines and custom Checklists and always be prepared for a deadline
  • Set permissions for your team, partners, and clients
  • Create individual Templates for every service you offer 
  • Set automated reminder notifications so you’ll always be on top
  • Compile notes to share with your clients and team 

Create With the Design Studio 

Food represents unity, diversity, and all things beautiful. As caterers, you understand the importance of presentation. A plated meal has to be just right and so does your company's aesthetic. Ignite your creativity and enhance your brand with our branding tools. 

  • Create Visual Menus
  • Presentation Style Guides 
  • Layouts of where food and tables are going  
  • Design beautiful brochures and proposals
  • Portfolio Galleries


On the Spot Catering

Track Your Progress & Finances

Smooth out the details with administrative tools that will bring you from the first cake tasting to the cake cutting. Lock down every client, manage your budget, and send every invoice in a timely manner.

Let us cater to you, while you cater for others. Bon appétite!


Hero photo courtesy: Stephanie Brazzle


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