How Floral Designers Can Get the Most Out of Aisle Planner

August 20, 2020

Every bloom is distinctly unique. So is your floral business. Designed by event pros, for event pros, we understand the unique perspective and technology needs you have. That's why we've designed Aisle Planner as a fully customizable, all-in-one sales, marketing, and project management platform where you can promote your business, connect with leads, book new clients, and manage every job down to the very last stem. Learn more about how our tools can be a perfect fit for you!


Marketplace Listing 

The AP Marketplace is more than searchable listings. Knowing your audience and marketing in the right place is everything. Couples, wedding planners, and vendors come to our website looking for florists and that’s where they find you! Another positive attribute about the diversity of Aisle Planner vs. a solely floral platform is that we build community, creating tools that all wedding professionals can use. You can come together and collaborate with other vendors making your services and experience more marketable. 

We have a feature that allows clients to search based on location and category. Clients in your area can find you quickly and easily. This is more beneficial than just putting out ads on multiple platforms since it’s a space specifically for you and the locations you service. We support you and want to showcase your talent by maximizing your listing in the following ways: 

  • We link all of the beautiful floral work you have featured on Aisle Planner
  • Show off your portfolio 
  • Connect to your lead management tools
  • Provide analytics to help you track your ROI
  • Include reviews from clients and professional partners  
Floral Designer

Design Studio 

Flowers are the pinnacle of weddings and décor. Exquisite florals are the first thing we envision when we think of a dream wedding. Gorgeous bouquets, wreaths, and arches with the perfect flowers to make the wedding aesthetic whole. Florists are the dream makers and there’s nothing that fantastic floristry can’t do. You’re creators and you need a space to organize your craft and mix and match to show your clients the endless floral possibilities. The Design Studio is home to a powerful set of tools that allows you to take your floral vision to a new level. Unlike Pinterest or other mood boards, Aisle Planner’s Design Studio is collaborative and allows you to actively work with your clients by giving them as much access as you would like and by making your designs easily shareable with other vendors. Each tool encapsulates the various wedding design aspects.

  • Style Guide: Browse inspiration, upload your own photos, create boards, organize by color, by flower type, and by season.
  • Color Palettes: Every photo comes with a color palette that you can save or recreate.
  • Layouts: Create your own layout sketches for floral locations.

Checklists & Templates

We make organization and productivity a number one priority. With our Checklist and Template tools, you can track your floral progress and increase efficiency with new clients. Unlike Google platforms, Aisle Planner’s organization tools are there with you every step of the way. The Checklist and Templates make it easy for you to move through the floral design and creation process.


  • Introduce clients to checklist
  • Assign tasks to team members
  • Assign due dates


  • Project templates 
  • Notes templates
  • Style Guide templates
  • Brochure and document templates, and many more!  
Floral Designer Quote


Making breathtaking florals is your passion but florals are expensive and do take up a large part of the clients’ budget. A part of the work is having a strong foundation for your business management and Invoicing and Online Payments. There are payment tools out there for florists like Square for Retail and Floral Frog, but you'll have to use other platforms to supplement for design and organization. They don't have the expansive and cohesive tools that Aisle Planner proudly offers. You and your clients can monitor the floral budget, clients can pay easily online, you can get paid faster, and manage all of your finances in one place. 

  • Budget: Guide expectations and make budget conversations smooth  
  • Invoices: We make it easy to send professional customized invoices and proposals
  • Interactive Quotes: Send interactive quotes to inquiring clients and increase the likelihood of being booked
  • Payment Processing: Increase accessibility by setting up your online payments


Hero photo courtesy: Dear Lovers Photography


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