How Statuesque Events Planned a 3-Day Conference Using Aisle Planner

Feyisola from Statuesque Events
May 09, 2023

For the past six years, we’ve used Aisle Planner to manage and organize all of our client's events, including our own annual 3-day conference for wedding and event planners, Planners Who Profit LIVE. There are so many benefits to using Aisle Planner beyond weddings, but also for annual events like ours. Today we’ll be sharing how you can make the most of the Aisle Planner tools for your upcoming conferences and events!

The Budget

For those who don’t know, many conferences don’t break even or become profitable. We are pretty determined to break even on our events, but in order to do that, we have to stay on top of all of our costs, big small, and everything in between. Aisle Planner provides an easy way for us to do this proactively throughout the process, not just after the event. The budget feature has been a game changer for our clients, and after using it for our events, we also have seen firsthand how helpful it is!

Pro Tip: 

Discussing money can be the most uncomfortable and difficult topic but you have the power to change the narrative with the Aisle Planner Budget Tool. A great digital client experience is everything to the couples of today and tomorrow, and you can give them that and more by personalizing their budget to meet their needs. Check out Using the AP Budget Tool with Your Client's Priorities in Mind!

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Since this is a traveling event, we are usually sourcing new vendors in each city. The Contact Library helps us organize options, invoices, and more to help us finalize a choice and also stay on top of all payments and contract requirements. The Contacts feature is a huge value add for staying organized for any event!

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Custom Event Templates

One of the greatest benefits of using Aisle Planner to manage an annual event is the fact that we can create a checklist and budget template for the event. Check out The Ultimate Guide to Templates to learn more about how you can curate your templates. There are certain tasks unique to this event type, and we refine and add things every year. So instead of adding those things to a project, we get to add them to the recurring template! Some examples of additional tasks and budget line items that we add are below:

  • Tasks: source gift bag sponsors, confirm event speakers, order gift boxes, send attendee reminder emails, and more.
  • Budget line items: gift boxes, bag stuffers, live streaming, VIP lunches, speaker fees, and more
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Team Assignments & Communications

We also really love using Aisle Planner to divide and conquer the tasks to be done among our internal event planning team. Instead of emailing back and forth internally, Aisle Planner provides a way to clearly see the status of tasks that have been delegated to other team members, and this is priceless especially while being in the position of both the planner and the host! It’s a great way to lighten the load.

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I recommend using Aisle Planner to manage all things events - not just weddings! It’s been a game changer in our business not only in managing event planning with clients but also in managing our own 3-day conference!

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