How to Use Aisle Planner's Pro Tools to Strengthen Your Sales Process

July 25, 2018

Creating an effective sales process is foundational to building a successful business. So today we're talking about the most powerful ways that Aisle Planner’s booking tools can help you strengthen your sales process. Read about the 4 ways you can book potential clients and save time!

Arm Yourself with a Library of Templates

In a fast-paced world, making the sale can often come down to a matter of speed. From the time it takes you to respond to a new inquiry to dropping a contract ready for signature in a potential client’s inbox, quicker is better – and you can be especially fast with Aisle Planner Templates! Building out a library of brochures, proposals, quotes, contracts, and invoice templates is one of the best things you can do to strengthen your sales process since it allows you to quickly respond without having to be worried that what you’re sending out has typos or misinformation.  

Pro Tip: Schedule out time before booking season to create the templates that are essential to your sales process.

Need some ideas to help get started? Here are our go-to's:

  • Service and pricing brochure
  • Proposals for your most inquired about services
  • Quotes for the combination of your most booked services and upsells
  • Your contract(s)
  • Invoices for your most booked services

Minimize the Back and Forth with Quotes

The sales process often breaks down or loses steam when there is a lot of back and forth involved. So, in addition to having your sales process documented, and making sure everyone who is a part of it understands how to best execute it, you can do yourself a favor by using tools that help potential clients help themselves. Our favorite sales tool in our AP toolbox is the Quotes Tool! Aisle Planner Quotes are most helpful in situations where you are presenting lots of options to potential clients. For example, you might be working with potential clients who are:

  • Still deciding on whether to book you for full service or partial planning
  • Exploring services to add onto packages like RSVP management or wedding website setup
  • Curious about how much renting your products will cost at different quantities

Putting together an interactive quote that includes all of their options as well as the ability to toggle between options and quantities makes it easy for them to explore what different packages look like without having to ask you how it impacts their bottom line.

Show Potential Clients You’re the Right Person for the Job

The sales process is, after all, about showing potential clients that you are the right pro for the job! While you're making that effort each time you follow up, your potential clients are still out there scouring the internet for the world’s opinion of you. In addition to having a strong social media presence and a beautiful website, it's important to have a portfolio of strong listings with real client reviews. Taking advantage of The Aisle Guide's Marketplace Listing is a great way to show off your gorgeous portfolio and stellar reviews to a new audience!

Make Following Up Easy with the Lead Manager

What would a conversation about building a strong sales process be without talking about organization? Keeping all of your leads, their status, and future follow-ups inline, all while working with other clients and running a business, can be a challenge. Having an inbox full of leads is a great problem to have, but staying on top of it all can have more consequences than having another wedding to plan. The sales process on the client side speaks to your reputation as well as how they might be treated as a client. The solution, then? Using the Aisle Planner Lead Manager to keep all of your leads in one place, see statuses at a glance, and quickly send off the documents they need to book you!  


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