Introducing Product Catalogs and Quotes

Introducing Product Catalogs and Quotes
August 27, 2017

Aisle Planner Product Catalog and Quotes

Working through the booking process with a potential client can include a lot of back and forth. They reach out to you. You send them a brochure. They have questions about what services cost and what they include. They have questions about how things will affect their budget. So, you send emails, hop on a call or maybe even decide it's just easier to meet up in person.
Your time is very valuable and keeping things moving and on-track is important to your success. So today, we are very excited to release two new features to our suite of business management tools - a Product and Service Catalog and Quotes!
Now you can build out a catalog of all of your products and services with descriptions of what they are, how many you have available, as well as the price and use them to prepare interactive quotes to send to your potential clients! This means that they have all of the information they need about what services you recommend and the ability to play around with the total budget by clicking through options. And, maybe they'll book you for that little something extra too!


Curious About This New Feature? Start by Downloading These Examples!

[ddownload id="6630" style="link" text="Sample Quote - Full Service"]

[ddownload id="6631" style="link" text="Sample Quote - Month Of"]

Create a Product and Service Catalog

To add a new product or service to your catalog, click on Templates in the menu of your Planner Dashboard and then Product. Click Add New Product and you’ll be taken to the screen where you’ll enter in all of the product/service information. Enter in a product or service name, description, and upload an image. Set the minimum and maximum quantities (especially for hard goods or things that have a limited quantity or availability) and the price her hour/unit.

Aisle Planner Product Catalog and Quotes Aisle Planner Product Catalog and Quotes  

Pro Tip: Enter any service people can book you for, all of the items you have available for rent or any products you sell into your catalog!

Create a Quote Template

To create a Quote Template, click on Templates in the menu of your Planner Dashboard and then Quote. Click Add New Quote and you’ll be taken to a screen where you can give the template a name and optional description. Once you have done that, click Edit Quote to build your template.

Aisle Planner Product Catalog and Quotes

What is a bundle?
Included ItemsThis section is for any products or services that are included in the package your clients are booking you for (i.e. they cannot modify this section).
Choose OneThis section is for any products or services that your potential clients need to make a selection. Think of this as an either/or section.
A la carteThis section is for any products or services that can be considered add-ons to your package. Your potential clients have the ability to choose any, all, or none of these options.

To add a bundle, hover your cursor over “Included Items” and you’ll see a trash can and “+” icon appear. Click on the “+” to add a section, choose what type of bundle you’d like to add, and it will appear in the body of the quote.

Adding Products or Services to a Quote

To add a product or a service to a Quote Template, hover your cursor over the “Product Image” space (or anything in that row) and you’ll see a trash can and “+” icon appear. Click on the “+” to add a line item for a product or service from your catalog. Then, click your cursor into the “Product / Service Name” area and start typing the name of what you would like to add. As you type, a list of any products and services that contain that word will appear below that section - click on it to select and add it.

Pro Tip: You can add products or services to a quote on the fly but, they will not be saved in your catalog if you do. So, we recommend creating your products and services at the template level first.

Aisle Planner Product Catalog and Quotes

How to Send a Quote

To send a Quote from outside of a Lead Record, click Quotes in the menu of your Planner Dashboard and then click on Add Quote (to build on the fly) or Add From Template. When you select Add Quote from Template, a list of your templates will show and you can select the one you’d like to work off of. From there, you can enter the recipient’s contact information, enter a quote number, and make any adjustments to the quote you need to before sending.

Pro Tip: You can send a Quote from within a Lead Record or from the new Quotes tab you see in the menu of your Planner Dashboard. Regardless of where you start, you can assign the quote to a Lead Record.

Once you are ready to send the quote, click on the gold export button you see in the upper right of your screen, enter in the recipient's email, customize the subject line and message, and then click Send.

Aisle Planner Product Catalog and Quotes

Create an Invoice from an Accepted Quote

Once your quote is accepted, creating an invoice is easy! Click into the accepted quote (through either your Lead Manager or the Quotes tab in the menu of your Planner Dashboard) and then on the gold export button in the upper right hand corner of your screen. You’ll see an option to “Create Invoice.” Click on that option and an invoice will appear on your screen that includes any of the options that were selected in the accepted quote. You can edit anything you need to before sending it off.

Aisle Planner Product Catalog and Quotes Aisle Planner Product Catalog and Quotes

Things to Note About Products and Quotes

  • Products and services from your catalog can directly be added to invoices as well
  • Everything but the product or service name is editable when you drop it into a quote or invoice
  • You can repeat bundle sections so if you have the need for more than one “choose one” section, you can include that
  • You can template discounts, taxes, notes, or instructions at the bottom of the Quote Templates just as you can in Invoice Templates
  • While you are setting up a quote, the total quote amount will only include any amounts associated with items in the “Included Items” section since the client will still need to select options and quantities. When they open the quote and click on different options and/or change quantities, the quote total will update as they do that


As always, if you have any questions about our new features, don’t hesitate to get in touch! You can check out our FAQs in our help center here or reach us at

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