Introducing Reminders, Notifications, and More

Introducing Reminders, Notifications, and More
March 08, 2015

With a great foundation of professional planning tools in place, we’ve turned our attention towards making our tools work better for you. We’ve heard from so many of you that while the tools themselves are great, there was just SOMETHING missing to help you clearly and easily pinpoint next steps for keeping plans moving forward for ALL of your weddings. That's why we're both happy and excited to announce a perfect combination of powerful new features—centered around an improved task management system—to help you get straight to business, stay focused and get things done.


More Powerful Checklist Features

We've not only streamlined design, we've added much more capabilities and more flexibility to our already powerful planning checklist. Drag and drop to reorder checklist items and planning categories, create completely custom time frames on the spot and assign tasks to team members or your clients. You can even highlight checklist items to focus on, add due dates and set as many reminders as needed to assure things get done on time. A

Redesigned Notification & Task Management Center

Think of our new Notification Center as your powerhouse for productivity. It’s essentially ONE place you can rely on to stay on top of the most pressing tasks, new comments, and important notifications across ALL of your weddings. Easily respond to messages and comments with quick links that take you exactly to the subject at hand, dismiss notifications you’ve read or have already responded to, and keep plans moving forward.

Focused Tasks & To-dos

Stand up to information overload and keep yourself, your team, and your clients focused on the most important tasks at hand. Our helpful (and completely customizable) planning checklist serves as your blueprint for planning as you choose and assign next steps from your overall planning list to bring into focus.

Private Tasks

Our clients don’t need to know EVERYTHING we’re working on, right? With our new notification and task management center, you’ll now be able to add tasks that are private and visible to just you and your team.

Comments & Discussions

Keep the conversation going about anything in Aisle Planner from tasks to photos to uploaded files with new email notifications for comments. Hit "reply" to respond to any comment notification email without having to log in and take advantage of the many benefits that come from documenting things like approvals and change requests, right in Aisle Planner.

Email Notifications & Notification Preferences

With all new reminder and notification features, you can now set your preferences to receive notifications either in your app and/or straight to your email inbox. Whether they’re payment or deadline reminders or notifications that tasks you've assigned out have been completed, you’ll stay updated on what's happening and what needs to happen soon.

Non-Wedding Tasks & To Do's

While you're busy planning weddings, we know that you're also running a business. With our new notification center, your general tasks now have a home.  Add items to your to-do list, assign to-do's to others in your team, add notes or additional details, and set due dates and reminders.


We think these new features will greatly improve your workflow when it comes to managing tasks, comments and conversations across all your weddings and make a powerful impact on the way we plan. We’d love to hear what you think! Email us at

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