Introducing Wedding Websites

Introducing Wedding Websites
February 13, 2017
The age of the millennial has arrived - and they are ready to tie the knot! It’s no surprise that the popularity of wedding websites has skyrocketed, as this tech savvy generation spends more time on the Internet than you can even imagine. And what better of a way to create an EVEN better guest experience from the minute they receive their invitation, giving your couples their own corner of the internet to share all of the wedding details, room block information, travel tips & sights to see – to build a fun filled (and more organized!) wedding weekend.


Aisle Planner New Feature Wedding Websites

How to Create a Wedding or Event Website

To create a wedding or event website, start by clicking into the project (wedding, event, or other) that you'd like to create a website for. Then, click on the Website tab on your Wedding or Project Dashboard.

Aisle Planner New Feature Wedding Websites

After that, customizing your wedding or event website is easy! All you (or your clients) need to do is fill in or upload a:

  • Headline
  • URL
  • Cover image
  • "Our Story"
  • "The Engagement"
  • "The Wedding Day"

Once you are ready to publish the website, simply click the checkbox next to Publish Website and it will go live!

Aisle Planner New Feature Wedding Websites

How to Add Pages to the Website

Our Wedding and Event websites come with the ability to add Events, Travel, and Registry pages. To add one or all of these pages, simply click the  "+" under the page you'd like to add. (If you do not add any information under the additional page type, the page will not appear on the website.) After clicking "+," a modal will open where you can enter the information and details. Details like:

  • Event dates and times
  • Event descriptions
  • Websites and addresses
  • Registry links

Aisle Planner New Feature Wedding Websites

Things to Know About Wedding and Event Websites

  1. If you create an Event Website under a project that is not a wedding, any reference to "weddings" has been removed.
  2. The image file you upload for the cover image will be automatically placed/cropped to the center. If you want to control which part of the image appears, we recommend cropping the image prior to uploading it. The ratio you should use is 4:1.
  3. Whenever you upload a valid address on the Travel page, a "Map It" button will automatically appear.
  4. When you are ready to unpublish your wedding or event website, simply uncheck the checkbox next to Publish Website and it will come down.
Check out a live sample of a Wedding Website here. And as always, if you have any questions about our new features, don’t hesitate to get in touch! You can reach us at and find answers to your questions over in our help center here.

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